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Marine Biology True False Question Help!?

I am helping my brother with a Marine Biology true false worksheet.. I am trying to remember things from when I took it but I'm having a hard time..

1. Homeotherms are restricted to a narrow band of environmental temperature ranges

2.The body temperature of ectotherms fluctuates with ambient temperatures

3.Water temperature can have a direct effects on feeding rates of many marine vertebrates.

4. The complex food web of decomposers existing on detritus is known as the microbial loop

5. Evolutionary adaptations show immediate results on the individual level

6. Natural populations can usually produce more individuals than the habitat can support

7. The links between living communities and non living reservoirs of important nutrients are called biogeochemical cycles

8. Carbon dioxide is limited in the ocean

9. As CFC's combine with ozone molecules, they convert ozone to molecular oxygen

10. Greenhouse gases include water vapor and ozone

Thank you so much! I need help asap.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    "9. As CFC's combine with ozone molecules, they convert ozone to molecular oxygen"

    False, but they may want you to answer true. Sunlight shatters the CFC molecule, releasing chlorine (or bromine) atoms. These halogen *atoms* catalytically destroy ozone in the "ozone layer", in the presence of visible light. Ozone will not directly oxidize CFCs on its own, so the answer is literally false. But CFCs carry the halogen atoms to the "ozone layer"...

    These molecules were produced because they were so stable, they would not burn down near the humans, and were not readily available to biology (so were not toxic).

    Give us your best guesses and we can help where you guess wrong. We cannot help you cheat.

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