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I need tips on using complementary colors help!?

In my graphic design class i need to color my project in complementary colors. I would like to use blue and the color across (orange) but i am unsure if i should have more blue or orange or equal. I have a lot of swirls in my design too. If there are any other complementary colors you recommend please offer tips on how to use it.

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    mess around with the color wheel a bit. If you are going with a solid orange, I'd suggest a variant of cyan or something close to royal blue. The cyan would also work with a brighter orange. Your overall color scheme will depend mostly on the feel you are trying to give. Pay a little attention to whether you'd like the image to have more warm or cool colors. For swirls, (if you are using the brighter colors) almost any neon would complement the orange and blue. I would avoid a purple in that case, but a pink or green might work. Yellow might be too close to the orange to look good, but again, test the colors. If you are going for the more solid colors, then you might want to include black and white into the pattern, instead of extra colors. And, when in doubt for color patterns, you can always check sites especially made for color patterns, like ( if you use more earthy variations of the colors, brown, and burnt red would probably work. A yellow might fit in there. Also, don't forget that you can just use different saturations of the complementary colors you are already using.

    Good luck :)

    Oh, one final note: if you are going to be printing the finished copy, do a test run of the colors, because they never look exactly like their back-lit/on-screen versions.

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    complicated problem. research over google and yahoo. just that could help!

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