Why are some men jealous of mixed race males especially jealous of men who are black and white mixed/biracial?

Now I am not saying all men are jealous of mixed biracial black and white men. I love light skin high yellow black men that can pass for white like Wentworth Miller, like most biracial/multiracial black men he is so damn fine...but when I try going on dating sites to be specific about the type of men I like men get mad and say light skin ****** are played out or I should just get a white man. I have even had men go as far as getting my account deleted off dating sites because they are angry that I like mixed race black and white men only...Watch ladies, especially on CraigsList say you like mixed men then put pictures like Wentworth Miller, DeAndre Brakensick,or Bizzy Bone(and don't dare show any other picture of a mixed race black man with a muscular body, light skin and blue eyes men will hand your *** to you) let men (on Craigslist especially) know what you are looking for and I bet you, you either will be cursed at, flagged, or account deleted..lol...I just feel that some men are jealous of mixed race light skin men only because what I have been through when trying to seek what I am mostly attracted too...I like light skin biracial mixed males who are black and white mixed and who have more dominate European features, how is that offensive to men? Now let me say this in alot of my sites that i go on to find these men I only put pictures of men I am looking for I don't go into detail about features and things like that because I believe a picture is worth a thousand words...I don't put down other races of men no nothing..I am just a woman who finds light skin mixed race males the sexiest I am not even the majority most women I know find white men or dark skin men more masculine and attractive me I think light skin mixed race black men have the best of both worlds..they got black mans swag and the white mans swag mixed in one...

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    It is so funny how a lot of black men complain about racism but they think they are entitled to be racists when it comes to others. I dated a black girl in college and caught so much crap from black men for it when I was in public with her. I am 6'7" and weigh 230 lbs and I got down (fought) with a lot of these guys when they called me racial slurs, it wasn't easy to be with her. These men would become enraged because she was very attractive and they didn't like the thought of a white guy taking their women. But I didn't let it get me down because I also had a number of black friends who didn't have a problem with it. It all comes down to how ignorant a person is. And by the way I also caught a lot of crap from white women as well. My advice is to ignore the ignorant people of this world and live your life regardless of color.

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    I don't have the patience to read your whole question, but I would assume that it's either because a) white/black mix usually makes an AWESOME combination and just happens to create very attractive looking individuals, for the most part (in my opinion, anyway.) or b) light-skinned individuals are sometimes highly regarded in the black community, or so I've heard, anyway, though, this seems to be an issue more with women.

    Personally, I think it's all dumb. If you look good, you look good, and that's it.

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    Man just becaause you see one white woman or one Asian lady or one Armenian woman or one Hispanic/Latina woman relationship or marrying a black doesn't suggest that they're all doing it. Statistics proves most White females date and grow to be marrying White men. The same with Asian ladies who traditionally date and marry Asian guys. In fact more Asian ladies get with White guys but that is nonetheless a small percentage considering the fact that nearly all of them marry their possess folks. Now it may be more fashioned for Caribbean Hispanics or Afro Hispanics like Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban to date and marry African americans on account that they've African ancestry. Versus other Hispanics like Argentinians, Uruguayans, Bolivians, Uruguayans, Guatemalans and Mexicans regularly marry their possess ethnic workforce. Usually they may be able to be broken down to specified ethnic organizations like Koreans go to a detailed membership and chinese language go to an additional club and japanese go to yet another club relying on their crew populace. If their is not enough of them then in a city then they usually go to pan-ethnic Asian clubs. A further illustration could be Mexicans go to a distinct membership to take heed to Mexican tune like Norteno song, Banda, Tribal & Cumbia and Puerto Ricans go to listen to Salsa at one other club. If it is a city with few Hispanics like Cleveland Ohio then on the whole it's a pan-ethnic Hispanic/Latino club but their is a gigantic difference between Caribbean Hispanics and Latin American Mexicans, Guatemalans & Hondurans Like I exhibit in this video majority of Mexicans date and marry each different. Mexican membership 3Bal night membership: Crown Austin Tx. Grand Opening White club that is JOYLAND nation music night club - Bradenton, Florida Asian club New York city. Ktown's most recent Mega membership - Elluii Nyc African American club. Recap: African Labor Day expertise @ Velvet Room ATL

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    It's more of an issue with men since men are naturally jealous, bitchy, and catty.

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