Is this a decent gaming computer?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Good Looking But, no its not a good gaming pc but if you both these:


    Grapics Card:

    the total is $594.98

    and this works for Skyrim, Battlefield 3, MW3, Black Ops 2, Defiance, and other games that require high graphics power This setup also connects to HDTV via HDMI cable.

    Source(s): I've owned this setup plus a 40 inch LED HDTV for 2 Years
  • Ryan
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    8 years ago

    Absolutely not, the GeForce 610 is not a gaming card at all. It won't run any modern games even on low at 30FPs.

    Get a 7770 or GTX650ti at least.

    It uses a shite motherboard, it is ancient and will not get upgrades to better FX Cpus

    Sparkle 460W PSU. Are you kidding me!?! 460W on a FX chip is suicide unless you want to use a crappy graphics card, FX are power hungry using 120W on load with a 16 amp 12V rail(s) leaving almost no breathing room for graphics. Not only that they blow up a lot and get negative reviews around the net.

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