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How does iTunes work ?

Hi guys, im new to apple stuff. I have a question about iTunes, in iTunes on my pc when i log in to my apple account and start downloading an apk from market does itunes download that apk to my pc ? I mean, Itunes is the downloader or it just adds that apk to download list and my iPhone downloads it ? I hope you understood what i meant. For example in Google Play (im an ex-android user) i just click on download button and it says the apk will be downloaded shortly, it doesn't start downloading the apk to my pc, it just adds it to my download list, as soon as i connect to internet form my phone, my phone starts downloading the apk. But here in itunes i clicked 5 games to download, the games icons were in transparently added to my iphone, but i noticed that itunes is downloading Sims but my phone is downloading fruit ninja, so i thought itunes on my pc is downloading it and transferring to my phone (phone was conected via cable). I know question is not clear and confusing, sorry for bad english, any help appreciated, thanks.


You can also tell me good forums for apple newbies

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  • 8 years ago
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    1) APK is for Android, dude. Just say "app".

    2) iTunes is both the music player, music manager, AND app manager, AND downloader AND backup.

    3) The truth is originally iOS devices do NOT download apps. EVERYTHING goes through iTunes. They kinda added on the ability for devices to download apps directly, and thus, it's a little... Schizo.

    4) There's a guide on Lifehacker for Android to iOS migration (and another guide for going the other way).

  • 5 years ago

    Theres slightly tab called not too long ago brought. Click on that and that should be the brand new matters brought to itunes. Then ones you dont like. Ditch em. Additionally make a playlist for your self so you dont get careworn. This is performed by way of clicking the small + on the backside proper part of the situation the tabs are placed

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