What does this mean in Vietnamese?

2 characters in this statement are Minh and Vu.

Xin loi Nhung vu nho hon Minh nhieu qua. Minh ko quen nguoi nho tuoi dau

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    7 years ago
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    With proper diacritical markings: "Xin lỗi Nhung nhỏ hơn Minh nhiều quá. Minh không (làm) quen (với) người nhỏ tuổi đâu!"

    - Nhung is a female and Minh is a male.

    - It's very common in Vietnamese speech to replace pronouns with your names.

    - Not sure why the 'vu' is in the sentence as it doesn't really fit in so I took it out. I added in làm _ với because làm quen với = to get to know someone/to make acquaintance (with).

    Roughly it means: "I'm sorry but you (Nhung) are younger than me by quite a bit. I (Minh) don't date/go out with individuals your age!"

    At least that's what I'd paraphrase it as.

    Source(s): Native Vietnamese.
  • ꇂꉧ
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    7 years ago

    Sorry, but Vu is smaller than Minh a lot. Minh knows youngs people.

    Sorry, I don't get the second one.

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