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Why do Liberals think a non-skilled burger flipper should get paid the same as a skilled CEO?

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    8 years ago
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    They don't. They believe the CEO should make twice as much. Don't lie about liberals. They get offended easy as it is. :) Only Soros should be allowed to have billions. Or Obama. Or Hollywood freaks. Or Sports figures. But never a conservative.

  • justa
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    8 years ago

    Really who said that and when?

    I don't get who tells cons that liberals believe all this garbage, it seems to be part of some extremist thinking that ignores real facts in favor of made up ones.

    But how about a burger flipper making a dollar more an hour so he can live on his own instead of paying the country club dues for the CEO, and letting him pay them out of his wages?

    When the CEO of Walmart makes as much in an hour or more, than the average worker there does during the year that CEO makes over sixteen thousand dollars an HOUR, doesn't that make you stop and think a little?

    You might think its only a stock position, but your enjoyment of the shopping experience,likelihood to return and shop again isn't determined by the the guy in the office you'll never meet, but by the minimum wage guy who either helps you look for an item or just shrugs and walks, or the stock which never makes it onto the floor or the floors that are dirty, all done by part timers and all more responsible for sales than any guy in an office. And least likely to be appreciated by the executive who see their floor staff expendable and replaceable without consequence.

  • 8 years ago

    The vast majority of "Liberals" do not think that a Burger flipper should get paid the same as a skilled CEO, but they believe that someone working 40 hours per week should earn enough to have a reasonable life and be able to better themselfs.

    A Burger flipper should be paid atleast $9 per hour.

    personally I believe that there should be an all-out effort to Automate all unskilled jobs so people do not have to do them.

  • 8 years ago

    Why do you care? Are you one of those CEO's that pretend to be intelligent? You are aren't you? :D Who's a scumbag? :D CEO *pricks cheeks* Because if you weren't you wouldn't care about the other one's salary unless yours was taking a dive.

    And there's no such thing as an unskilled burger flipper, or even a designated, full time, exclusive burger flipper. It takes skill to go through your day flipping burgers while you pay for college and board, and put up with busy body CEO's.

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  • oleary
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    4 years ago

    To be basic bro - a burger flipper actual works extra durable than a CEO dude... a burger flipper has to juggle like a dozen multiple issues at as quickly as and artwork very quickly on their ft.. A CEO is attracted to purely one factor... "how will this selection result the cost of my inventory suggestions" If the respond is "advantageous" then the answer is "purchase them out"... if the respond is unfavorable, then the answer is "Lay them off". the only distinction that desperate those 2 peoples distinct paths in existence became one triumphing the beginning lottery to having valuable mom and dad - the different became born to oldsters that weren't one in each and every of those fulfillment and consequently are "on their very own"... for this reason doing the extremely frustrating job of flipping burgers for next to no longer something dude.

  • Jeff S
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    8 years ago

    Huh? who said that?

    Liberals say CEOs shouldn't be making thousands of times what the employees are making!

    Like Kmart had a CEO who was paying 3 times what his full time employees made a year for property taxes on his home!Even though he ran the company into the ground he still had a $50 million dollar parachute!

  • 8 years ago

    One job helps you servive with food, the other gives up morals and just moves money around on a computer which any high school kid can be taught to do. Plus burger flippers with more money means more shoppers in capitalism.

  • 8 years ago

    I have had intimate contact with your so-called skilled CEO. After an MBA from Podunk U, he sits around and delegates. When the company he loafs on fails, he moves on -- like a predator, a leech -- to his next conquest.

    Burger flipping is at least honest work.

  • Paul
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    8 years ago

    No one suggests such a thing. But the US minimum wage is a joke - the purpose of a job is to support oneself and perhaps a family - the wage of any fulltime job should be sufficient to allow someone to at least put a roof over their head, buy food, run a car etc. And preferably also enable them to have some leisure time, and put somethng away for the future.

  • 8 years ago

    Liberals think money grows on trees...or rather they think you can just tax conservatives more and more to produce more money to pay "Living wages" to burger flippers. Fast food workers are NOT entitled to raise a family on a fast-food salary. If they can't raise 4 kids from three baby daddy's or provide child support to three different women......they should stop making babies, go back to school and get a better job before trying to raise a family.

  • 8 years ago

    Most CEOs are more incompetent than a burger flipper

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