Prank calls and vulgar msgs.....what to do?

I dont no who the guy is....but whenever he calls he says stupid things on phone..... Should i say something to him?... He really disturbs my sleep by calling late night...


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  • Rish
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    7 years ago
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    Best way is to block the number.

    If u have an android phone, install a free call blocker from the Play store. There are apps with options in which the call is received and then cut without u being bothered.=D. The person who is troubling u will get fed up after some time.

    If u have a normal phone, then get in touch with your service provider and request them to block that number. I think they will require a written request for it. But they should help u out.

    Last option would be to go for a complaint against the person.

  • 3 years ago

    You're assuming that these nasty calls are related to any one who goes to school with you. It may be & possibly no longer. When you have Caller id on your telephones, & you respect the calls from the opposite night, then do not answer after they name either number. Your great guess is to call your cell corporations, & file the numbers which can be displaying up in your Caller id & you comprehend it's the same individual. That you would be able to request that a block be placed on your phone, so the parties will now not be ready to name you. When you return to tuition, maintain these vulgar calls to your self. You may also find out who the parties are, by with ease listening for someone who could be aware of of these calls. I definitely hope that these vulgar calls, do not lead to anything worse. Believe me, the cell blocks will work. I needed to block a number on my mobile mobile a even as back, & Verizon didn't charge me for the block when I told the clerk that I was once being harassed & threatened. Even if you need to pay for the blocks, it can be billed to you & it's not so much & may be very well valued at the cash every month. I ponder how these creeps acquired your dad's telephone mobilephone quantity. Here in the south, mobilephone phone numbers aren't observed in our phone books. So, slender it down, as to how they acquired ahold of your dad's number. Let the police comprehend who could have your dad's cell telephone number, but be very sure of that information, earlier than you cross it on to the nearby police.

  • Satan
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    7 years ago

    Hang on, you're from India, and you're getting annoying phone calls from people

    Now you know how it feels!

  • 7 years ago

    Change your number

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  • 7 years ago

    that's what happens when you dress s*lutty and give a lot of boys your number.

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