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What is Thomas Cook's Long haul flight service like?

Me and my Mum are planning a trip to Cancun in August and we are planning to fly with Thomas Cook, could any one tell me what seat pitch is like, what the IFE is like and if they offer a meal service? Thanks, also this is my first long haul flight!


We should be flying on a Airbus A330-200

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    Hi David,

    I once flew on Thomas Cook from Barbados to London Gatwick.

    The thing with Thomas Cook is that there is no specific First class or Premium Economy, the plane is either full of Premium Economy seats or Premium Economy seats with a few extra legroom seats.

    Thomas Cook seats are like a chair with quite alot of legroom (maybe 2.5 feet)

    The service is good, the seats tilt back a little bit, The meals are good, they mainly concist of things like Fish and chips, chicken, Pastas. Generally English food though they do have a good mixture.

    There are entertainment systems (small tv maybe the size of a regular iPad) which have movies, episodes of different TV Shows, for example, inbetweeners, Harry Potter, SouthPacific and the Simpsons. They have plenty of movies for a flight to Cancun!

    For you're first long-haul flight, I recommend bringing these things:

    Book to read

    Blanket/Pillow (something to rest your head on, especially on Thomas Cook)

    iPad, even though they have IFE, I recommend something to watch movies on

    Headphones (The Thomas Cook ones are uncomfortable but this is not #1 priority)

    Whatever helps you sleep (on most long-haul flights, at somepoint, you'll want to sleep)

    Sorry, it was maybe 3 years since I went on their

    Boeing 767-400ER

    Hope this helped you

    Have a good flight and holiday with you and you're Mum



    Source(s): Personal experience in the aviation industry
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    Thomas Cook Seat Pitch Longhaul

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