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narrow fail 中文解釋?


result: narrow fail

中文解釋? 代表已然肥佬嗎?



Update 2:

應該是縮小失敗的意思 ???? 呢位仁兄, 唔該唔知唔好亂答.

考試結果: narrow fail .

唔通考試結果真: "應該是縮小失敗的意思", 點樣散明呀???

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    英國某些的考試 marking Scheme, 不大清楚現時香港

    (1) Pass with merit (2) Pass (3) Narrow fail (4) Fail

    There are two fail grades ~ FAIL and NARROW FAIL

    Narrow fail 好過 Fail, 但是 Fail 和 Narrow Fail 都是不及格,

    Narrow Fail 可以說差少少便及格,

    Narrow fail result indicates that the candidate was within 5% of pass boundary.

    ~ base on Cambridge ESOL

    Source(s): Cambridge ESOL
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    ---Should be a limited failure

    ---a thin failure;

    ---a fine failure.

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    Source(s): Google 翻譯
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