What are some flaws in my argument? URGENT?

I have an English assignment due tomorrow. I need someone to use for my "Some people wouild argue.." paragraph. Only thing is I can't find any flaws in my argument. :/

Here's what I said:

I am greatly concerned by all the graded assignments us students receive every day. We get homework, quizzes, reviews, vocabulary sheets, and worksheets. Then we are expected to do good on them and get them on in time. We are supposed to complete them to show we’re learning but it’s become less about that and more about the grades. This puts a massive amount of stress on students to succeed and do well. Students our age are already going through considerable amounts of stress from social pressures, the rise in our hormones, drama, bullying, low self esteems, mental disorders and many times complex situations at their homes. So when we get pressured by teachers, parents, siblings, friends, and society in general to have excellent grades some of us are sure to crumble. Besides, grades are not the point of school, learning is! That’s the way it should be.

In order to take away that added stress of assignments and put the focus of school back onto learning I propose this plan. Teachers could just do note taking and learning games for monday thru thursday and then on friday have quizzes to measure the students progress. The quizzes would be graded. After all grading shouldn’t be taken away completely but it should definitely be scaled down.

can you give me some opposite veiw points going against what I've said? Please? Thanks in advance. :)


I'm sorry about all the grammer flaws. English isn't my strongest subject not to mention I'm only in the 7th grade.

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  • 8 years ago
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    There are many schools/universities that have abolished grading. Antioch University, Evergreen state Fairhaven, and many others no longer uses grades, as they realize how worthless they are when it comes to learning.

    The old model of teaching believes that grades encourage competition among the students which will motivate them to learn the material better.

  • 8 years ago

    Firstly, work on your grammer and punctuation. You have quite a few language flaws, so to make your argument impressive, sort out your grammar.

    In terms of content, i would reconsider your 'solution' as it is unreasonable, rather make realistic suggestions like 'quizzes after every section'. Also, i would not use a mental disorder and hormone change as an excuse..

    Just think carefully about what could realistically happen, and rather make unsubjective or unbiased remarks (: good luck!

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, you need a counter argument. First, change "do good" to "do well", Capitalize "Monday", change "thru" to "through", and add a comma after "After all,"...

    Counter argument: Some people might say that homework is just part of going to school and shows that we can take what was taught in class and do it on our own at home, but.... (then deflate it with your strongest argument).

    Or, Some people might argue that grades are just the reality of school and you'll have to deal with them in college, but (then deflate that)

    Or, combine those two

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