How can I repel yellow sac spiders from my car?

I've had a bit of an issue with yellow sac spiders at my house for years. I know how to control them in the house and how to get rid of them, but I still have problems with them getting in my car. I've read things that said yellow sac spiders like the smell of gasoline. I know that they are coming from out of the tree that I park my car under. The tree coming down is not an option, and I do not have an alternative parking space. I was recently bitten and it's very painful (worse than a hornet sting) and since they're present in such great numbers it is a problem. If anyone knows any remedies to repel the spiders from my car I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    Here is a link I hope helps. We have brown recluse here in CA>

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  • 3 years ago

    Yellow Sac Spider In Car

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  • 6 years ago

    If you have any spiders in your car you need to light it on fire and push it off a cliff. Spiders rarely survive a flaming car plunge and in the rare instances they do the car is sent to the junkyard where it is smashed into a cube the size of a toaster and spiders never survive squishing.

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    7 years ago

    Yellow sac spiders are nocturnal creatures, creating their webs in the dark hours. The issue concerning your car infestation is two-fold; getting rid of the current spiders and ensuring or at least limiting their return.

    There are a variety of natural odors which if they do not offend you or cause allergies, are recognized as insect repellents and might keep the spiders out of your car. They can be applied in a liquid form to surfaces and skin, and can be placed in their dried form all about the car. Place the ingredients in muslin bags and give them a crush each day as you get inside the vehicle and definitely as you get out of the vehicle. As you get the spiders to move out, secure the car by never parking it with the air vents or the windows left open. This may help keep new spiders out and let the natural repellents you try a chance to do their job. Also, remember to open the car door and wait a moment before entering, an airing out of the interior. Should the odor become too strong, you may need to keep a sealable plastic bag to lock away the muslin bags so you and others can use the car and still breath.

    The website below is just an example showing the type of products which may be helpful. Here are also some of the natural plant-based insect repellents which might work.



    Citronella (lemongrass)

    Catnip (said to be ten times more effective than DEET)





    Just for background check of the creature.

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  • 4 years ago

    Spiders in cars are very tough to take care of. Here's something to think about, professionals will not fog cars due to possible liability issues. Be very aware of how you're feeling in that car for the next month or two. If you start getting a headache, roll the windows down or better yet, get out of the car for a little bit to get some air. Secondarily, spiders don't take bait - only live food, and they don't groom themselves so you can't lay down a perimeter of poison that they'd walk through and and die. The only way to get them is with direct contact with spray poison. Do your best to make the car uninhabitable. Spiders need a source of water to live, they can only go about 3 days without water. That makes it likely that there's a leak somewhere in the car. Give the car an extremely good cleaning, look in and under all the nooks and crannies for spiders and keep an eye out for any damp carpet that could be a leak. Wear pants and pull your socks over the bottoms of the pant legs until you've gotten rid of them. The only good news is that these spiders have a relatively mild bite that doesn't need medical attention. Well, that, and you've got an awfully good natural pest control device living in your car - too bad they're not so pleasant to live with.

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  • 4 years ago

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    If it jumped, it is not a yellow sac spider. You really need to learn a little about spiders. For one thing, they don't lay eggs in, on, or around a human. If you have to think a spider bite you, you were not bitten. It might also interest you to know, that the yellow sac spider has now been cleared in its implications of having a bad bite. In other words they are harmless.

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