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Can you add memory to a laptop?

Can you add say another 2gb to the computer or 1 gb?

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  • Bill R
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    7 years ago
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    start by reading ur manual.

    u can look on the bottom. There should be a smaller panel marked with a rectangle, a couple of squares inside and a few lines representing a memory card held with 2 screws. I have a smaller (11") unit that has ONE panel that opens the whole bottom.

    NIX the answer re exceeding frequency. Add-on should not be a LOWER freq. HIGHER doesn't matter and is occasionally cheaper.

    NOTE: Many LTs come with 2 slots and both r occupied. That means u need to REPLACE one or both. Some older LTs also specify a max module size based on what was available at the time but technically can accommodate bigger memory - my bros unit said 1 MB but a 2 MB is working fine.

    do ur research - even utilities that tell u what the max size is - like HWInfo - get it wrong so u have to ask for ppls experience. It is generally a function of the chipset.

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  • 7 years ago

    hi jack

    yes.. turn over your laptop and theres a several plastic covers,one had your hard drive in ( which can also be replaced/upgraded ) and the other has your laptop memory and sometimes your wifi card inside ....

    to upgrade your memory you first need to evaluate how much memory your laptop currently has and how many modules ... you can do this by going to and run the "Crucial System Scanner Tool" .. this will scan your laptop and then issue a report on how much memory your laptop can support and also the best configuration ( such as 2 x 2gb or 2 x 1gb ) .. it also indicates what type of memory your laptop supports ( eg ddr2.ddr3 ) and if it supports "dual channel memory )

    if your laptop is currently using a single 2gb module then your best adding a second "identical" 2gb module giving your 4gb ... or if your currently using just 1gb and theres a spare memory slot (bank) then add another 1gb module giving you 2gb .... however you need to make sure its the same type of memory and more importantly the same speed ( eg 1333mhz,800mhz )

    in some situations you may need to remove all your existing memory and add a memory kit ( 2 x 2gb for example ) and the advantage of this is both the memory modules will be 100% compatible

    I hope this helps jack .. any questions let me know

    good luck mate !

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  • 7 years ago


    You definitely can. Just Google search your specific model. For example, I use Lenovo B560. Search "Add more memory Lenovo B560" and there should be answers or sites that have what you need to get.

    If you need help, contact me or update your answer.

    Now keep in mind not all laptops are upgradeable in memory, but a majority are. Just make sure you find out whether your computer can or not. It also depends on your computer. It's not suggested you go much over what you're already given. At most 2GB more, but not too much over! Good luck!

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  • 7 years ago

    Some laptops give this feature while a few don't.

    Any company would do but you must not exceed the frequency given. Mostly it is 1600 MHz but some also give 1333 MHz.

    In almost all laptops you can add more memory but they also come with max amount expandable too.

    For a laptop with 1 GB of RAM, there are 90% chances you can add only another 1 GB.

    If I helped, please rate as best.

    - Shivam

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  • Hamish
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    7 years ago

    If you have a laptop that sin't a Mac or an Ultrabook, then sure, you just need to pick up some compatible memory and look up a guide for your specific laptop, it's an easy process, they are designed for easy replacement.

    Most thicker laptops have easy access to the memory.

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes intel and ibm and but not on the white eee pc thats a compact unupgradeable pc.

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  • 7 years ago

    IBM and Intel yes u can

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