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Why do pro israelis get the definition of ethnic cleansing wrong?

Often when Pro Palestinians rightfully accuse israel of ethnic cleansing, the bigoted hardline zionists come and say '' you are so ignorant on the meaning of ethnic cleansing!!!!' and then they will post some picture of dead jews in the holocaust and refer to the picture and say '' THIS is ethnic cleansing.''..

Let us correct these zealot liars. The official definition of ethnic cleansing is the process or policy of eliminating unwanted ethnic or religious groups by deportation, forcible displacement, mass murder, or by threats of such acts.

Ethnic cleansing does not only mean systematically killing people. It can also be mass deportation or forcing others to leave a land ( israel is guilty of mass murder and by causing millions to flee so by the official definition israel is guilty of ethnic cleansing either way.)

So what causes zionists to lie about the definition of ethnic cleansing when people rightfully say israelis ethnic cleansed millions of Palestinians by making them leave?

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    If you read the diaries of first Israeli and Zionist leaders you would discover that ethnic cleansing (or transfer as they called it) is fulfillment of Zionism and one of its main pillars:

    In order to create a state for Jewish immigrants on Arab-majority land, there was no other way but ethnic cleansing. That is exactly what happened when Israel became a state in 1948. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their lands and their entire villages wiped out. Look up Lyda death march where tens of thousands of civilians were forced by Israeli soldiers to march outside the borders of Israel. Israeli radio stations broadcasted in Arabia for the Palestinians to leave or be slaughtered. Many Palestinians left in fear, after Zionist militias committed massacres against women and children (like in Deir Yassin). Those refugees and their descendants are until today denied any right to return just because they are not Jews (the Israeli law of return says only Jews can return). If that is not ethnic cleansing, then can anyone please tell me what is!

    That was not just a 48 phenomena. In 1967 further 200,000 Palestinians were expelled and until this day many lose their residency.

    @Shay P

    Most Jews immigrated by their own free will. There is no single evidence that Arab governments expelled their Jewish citizens.


    Jewish settlements are illegal and serve colonial land grab purpose, they should be removed on that basis. If Jews want to live in Palestine they should do it via legal means. Unless you believe that Jews are above the law of course (and I bet you do).

    @german's propaganda how Hamas want to throw Jews into sea:,7340,L-3202007,...

    Let's not forget whooshed whom into the sea, like in Jaffa 1948:

    @Simple Simon propaganda 101

    So how did Arabs end up being only 200,000 after they were the majority?


    There was no ethnic cleansing in 1012. After the end of Al-Hakim's rule Jews were allowed to rebuild their holy places. No one was expelled. In 1929 most Jewish immigrants were saved by the local Arab families from unorganized Arab militia. Muslims have been there for 1400 years and that's all you can come up with? Israel has been there for only 64 years, yet more than a million Arabs were ethnically cleansed.

    Source(s): Ex-Israeli terrorist recounting the 1948 ethnic cleansing: Israel admits it revoked residency rights of a quarter million Palestinians:
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    Uh... we don't.

    As far as I know, I don't think anyone has actually posted a picture of the Holocaust before. Not that I'm saying it hasn't happened, but I haven't noticed it yet. I can at least say that you are in the wrong for generalizing this as a rule, since (despite this specific account's age) I've been coming to this forum for years and know that's not what usually happens. It's even rare for the Holocaust to be invoked, much less shown. Of course, the Holocaust IS ethnic cleansing, not only in regards to Jews but also other groups like the Roma.

    I won't argue that Israel is always in the right; however, it is INCORRECT to say that Israel's official or actual policies are in favor of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. That was NEVER Israel's goal. For starters, statistically a large percentage of Palestinians left in 1948 because they thought the Jews were going to be wiped out/forced to leave/killed, and didn't want to get in the cross fire. In other words, not only did they leave on their own accord (not Israel's) but were anticipating the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people. And, yes, the rhetoric of the Arab forces at that time were distinctly calling for the removal of the Jews, and Israel's rhetoric was build our nation, with no mention of destroying the other state they expected nor kicking out those Arabs within their boarders.

    It should be clear now that, inside of Israel today, ethnic cleansing arguments fall flat. Considering how well integrated many Arabs can become, if they chose, with Israeli society, I can say that Israel does not have this attitude with their actions. With the West Bank and Gaza, too, where they hold less power than you seem to imagine.

    I do point out that the increasing Palestinian population, and the rate at which it does so, indicates that if they were trying to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians, they are doing a half-@ssed job. Israel doesn't do things half-assedly. Just food for thought.

    I will like to point out that, if Israel were ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, then I have to call attention to the job the Arab and Muslim world has done concerning their Jews. Israel's retention rate of Arabs is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than the rate of the Arab world on it's Jews. Many communities are extinct or soon will be, with the people who used to make up those communities long gone into other nations. Israel is cited as one of the greatest immigrant absorbing nations out there, and the Mizrahi Jews play no small part in that number. Libya's Jews are no more, Syria has less than 100, Lebanon perhaps less than that, and Iraq's last time I checked was 10. Yemen has 200 estimates (on a good day) when it used to have many more zeroes, and Egypt's, like many already mentioned, is aging and will probably all die out within the next few decades. The highest figure in Iran's favor is 10% today what it used to be at Israel's founding, and is projected to be less. In comparison, Israel's rate of retention concerning Arabs is astonishingly high. These figures conclude that you can't really deny the ethnic cleansing of the Jews in the Arab world, so I do have to make the criticism that those who denounce "Israeli ethnic cleansing" often don't look at these figures since it actually makes Israel a hero for that story.

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    Thank you for providing a reason why Israel does not do "ethnic cleansing".

    (And also funny that you didn't bother actually quoting a pro Israel person you just paraphrased it. If this happens so "often" as you claim, surely you can come up with ACTUAL examples.)

    Side question: Is what the Palestinians propose that all Jewish settlements should be disbanded mean the definition of "ethnic cleansing" or not? Discuss.

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    Lets get some of your facts straight first shall we?

    Firstly your numbers... MILLIONS???? Sorry nowhere near it. The number of Palestinians who for whatever reason moved from their land is closer to 300,000 to 400,000. And if we are going to go to YOUR DEFINITION of ethnic cleansing then lets compare that to the 800,000 jews ethnically cleansed from the surrounding arab countries at the same time.

    Now lets look further shall we.... jews are not only not allowed to live in most arab countries anymore.... they are not even allowed to visit them. The minute the Palestinians got Gaza they expelled every single jew and Abbas has stated that if and when the west bank is Palestinian he will make sure there isnt even one jew there either.


    So lets see then.....

    Jews in Palestinian owned territory.........Yep a big fat 0.

    Palestinians in Israeli owned territory.... more than one million.

    And as for having some class, you may notice i never resort to childish name calling as that would be immature and classless... for example i would never call you a pig.

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    The Zionist community is an echo chamber and always has been.

    A statement is made at some point then repeated millions of times and each time it seems more valid even if it started off as a mistaken observation, speculation, exaggeration or an intentional lie.

    Most of the Zionists we deal with are not lying, strictly speaking. They are repeating something they think is valid but is not.

    The Zionist ethnic-cleansing of the Palestinians is an established historical fact but it blows a huge hole in the morality of Zionism so most Zionists choose to deny it and never look into the details objectively to determine if they are mistaken in what they believe.

    By the way, the plan for ethnic-cleansing was made 50 years before 1948 and ethnic-cleansing of some sort has been going on for over 100 years and continues to this day.

    Former friend of Golda Meir explains.

    "Israel's “Plan Dalet”: The Green Light for Zionism's Ethnic Cleansing"

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    Israeli Arabs have full equal rights in Israel --

    including Israeli Arab Muslim soldiers

    Israeli Arab Muslim ministers of Knesset

    Israeli Arab Muslim "Miss Israel"

    In contrast, the Palestinian Authority representatives (from the FATAH party) have stated the official policy that the Palestinian Authority intends to have no Jews living there at all.

    When the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank received its autonomy from Israel in 1996, within a month there were two Palestinian Arab Realestate agents sentenced to death by beheading for selling land to Jews.

    Of course -- the HAMAS party which rules Gaza is much more straight forward -- they officialy and continualy state that their purpose is to eliminate all Jews from the Middle East.

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    Well... I think it was Hamas and the Arabs who said: we will throw the Jews to the sea! At the same time no Jews live in Gaza, whereas there are 1.5 Arabs citizens of Israel, many of them serve the IDF forces, like the Bedouines and the Druzes. Still... Israel was creating through massive deportations and ethnic cleansings from Arab countries:

    And this is just an example. The campaigns of the Ottoman Empire against Christians, or the Christians persecuted and killed by the Palestinians in Lebanon, are also good examples of ethnic cleansing. You cannot expect a people to be totally OK with you, if you are known for making large communities in foreign countries and then starting killing people.

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    Israel does not practice ethnic cleansing or Apartheid.Israel has laws against racism and Bigotry

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    Israel did not and does not ethnically cleanse non-Jews.

    As for Arabs running away, IT'S JUST THAT, and at the same time 950000 Jews WERE ethnic cleansed from the Arab countries.

    Arabs comparing what was done to Jews during WWII and what Palsetinians are claiming is done to them is utterly ridicules.

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    i'm israeli and i live in a city where 100% of people here are jews.

    everyday i see in the city arabs.

    some of them work here. i see them work in the super markets, in the streets, in my school even, buy things every friday in the market.


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