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How to say "Does anyone feel lazy?" in Japanese?

How to say "Does anyone feel lazy?" in Japanese? Like trying to convince everyone to slack.

This is suppose to be a joke. When I first heard this sentence i was like laughin' till I grow wings on my back and fly to New york with my imaginary dog named "Haru". LOL LOOOL (Laugh out ouch oi Lord).

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    I would say;

    オイ、やってらんねえ気分のヤツいるかあ? (a boss to workers friendly but somewhat rude)

    Does + ? = いるかあ?

    anyone = ヤツ guy

    feel = 気分

    lazy = やってらんねえ catchy slang I like.

    We say this when;

    I'm out!

    I'm sick and tired of it!

    I'm fed up!

    Give me a break!

    If you say やってらんねえ among Japanese, surely you will get a happy laugh.

    やってらんねえ is very useful when you feel lazy and tell others half as a joke.


    Source(s): A native Japanese.
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