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late on 點解 ? 同later有咩分別?

late on 點解 ? 同later有咩分別?

咩情況用late on 咩情況用later ?

我既理解 : late on 係遲D/之後 比 later 仲要遲。



其實係later on ......

唔係late on

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    Most of the time, they mean the same. Sometimes they cannot be used interchangeably.

    Later = not now, or not at a time you are talking about, but some time after this

    Phrases: a month/year later, much later, later that month/year, later in the day/month/year

    Later on = later on in time = at some time after the present time

    “Later on” is used for distant future.

    I arrived later than usual. (Later on will not work here)

    Bye, see you later.

    Few people say “Bye, see you later on.”

    Later can also be used as an adjective, not “later on”

    later model, later performance, later years

    e.g. She spent her later years in a nursing home.

    To play safe, especially if you are not sure, just say or write “later “

    Source(s): Longman English Dictionary
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    At a time in the future or after the time you have mentioned:

    e.g.He'll be back later. We could always go later in the season. Police questioned him and he was later arrested.

    later on:

    At a time in the future, or after the time you have mentioned:

    e.g.What are you doing later on this evening? Shall I go and fetch her later on? Later on, we could go and have a meal if you like.

    later同嘅later on分別係later on通常放於句子最頭/最尾。later通常放於句子中間

    Source(s): 個人意解+cambridge dictionary
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