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College students, what smartphone & computer apps are the most helpful to you? Which ones do you use the most?

My college recently launched an iPad app that integrated some of the most popular web services on our campus such as Axess, ExploreCourses, Classowl, the directory, events calendar, GPS-guided maps, the school newspaper, and daily menus with nutritional information for on-campus eateries. The majority of our textbooks are now available in digital format, and we can rent them for the quarter rather than purchasing and trying to resell them after the course has ended. I'm curious to know how other colleges have utilized apps. I'm also interested in knowing what apps students on other campuses feel are useful, either for their studies or in other aspects of college life.

~ What apps for your smartphone or computer are genuinely helpful to your studies, such as ones for note taking or reference?

~ Which ones are the best tools to help with time management, keeping track of your deadlines and obligations, and productivity?

~ Which ones do you use the most often for social networking or recreation?

~ What 10 apps (of any kind) do you use most frequently?

~ What kind of computer and phone do you use? Do you own a tablet?

~ Does your campus utilize apps?

I'm sorry for packing so many questions into one question. : )

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  • Matt
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    7 years ago
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    My previous institution had/has a football app, which I never used, and that was it. My current institution has a pretty awesome app that has maps, official calendars, course scheduling, library room reservations & hours, a directory, various transportation stuff, summaries of what's happening on campus in the current day, articles from the school newspaper, and a bit more. It even uses the schools new logo, which cost the school more than half a million dollars to design, and which virtually everyone hates or doesn't care about (aside from the absurd price tag merely for the design).

    Helpful apps on my iPhone:

    -Native voice memos app (so useful for professors who have information packed powerpoint slides they don't provide, and then simultaneously lecture on stuff isn't on the slides they're rapidly changing)

    -Native notes app (tons and tons of different lists of stuff I have to do; somewhat redundant with calendar app, but not really because I mainly use the calendar app for reminders)

    -Camera app (oh so useful for professors that use an entire board, or better yet, multiple consecutive boards, to construct elaborate diagrams no one has any hope of accurately reconstructing on a comparatively tiny piece of paper)

    -Calendar app (namely, the reminders function, letting me know I have stuff to do beforehand, in the event I totally forgot or got wrapped up in something else; also quite useful for scheduling things so that I don't end up double, triple, or quadruple booking my time, which I did "back in the day" before I started using the calendar app. Oops.)

    I have too many other random apps on my phone to mention, most of which I use when I have periods of what would normally be unproductive downtime. Random vocabulary flashcards while standing in a line to order coffee? Why not.

    Helpful apps on my iPad:

    -iAnnotate PDF (I seriously just make sure all of my ebooks are in PDF format, or find ways to convert them to PDF format, so I can use this app to read them. I don't rent textbooks or resell them, given that I tend to use them for reference fairly often, haha)

    -Safari & Opera (for the rare cases that Safari isn't quite as suitable) for browsing the internet

    -Teamviewer (OK, so no relation to school, but sometimes a server that I run that's associated with a gaming community has somewhat urgent issues that need to be resolved to avoid me getting lots and lots of angry PMs and emails, and this app works wonders to allow me to login to my desktop computer, and use my desktop computer to RDP into the server to actually fix whatever the problem is, if that makes any sense)

    -All the stuff I mentioned for my iPhone

    iAnnotate PDF is also useful because I promptly scan all paper notes, handouts, and whatever else I get. Makes for easy categorization of stuff, easy finding of stuff, and so on and so forth. (And I don't have to carry mountains of stuff around... Although, I've literally scanned like 2000 pages of stuff for just one course this semester... which is kind of time consuming)

    Laptop (formerly a 5-year-old Dell Inspiron 1420 which died, currently an ASUS Zenbook running a heavily modified windows 8, and often running a virtual machine running BioLinux 7 from windows 8, because I haven't yet really bothered figuring out how to workably dual boot given the new boot system):

    -Dropbox / other similar services


    -MS Word

    -MS PowerPoint

    -MS Excel

    -the Enthought Python distribution (OK, not really a program or app, but, whatever)

    -Notepad++ (for writing code in Python)

    -VueCalendar (syncs with google calendar, which syncs with my idevice calendars)

    -Actual Window Manager (AMAZING - especially on my desktop)

    -More additional programs than I can really list

    Desktop (gaming rig with 3 monitors, that I barely use for gaming anymore):

    -Same as laptop

    For a lot of things, multiple monitors increases your productivity by so much it's almost unimaginable, although there's a bit of an adjustment period. For other things, having a single screen is ideal.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I simply like the voice recorder app! I can record songs with it too!! Also having a camera is handy because you can take pictures of posters and presentations using it as a record keeping function.

    I don't use social networking cos I'm a loner : (

    I use maps, voice recorder, YA messenger and the weather app most frequently!

    I use an AMD Athlon in my desktop and I use my Iphone 3GS (Which I believe you use too!)

    I'm not on campus anymore so I dont know if they use apps!

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  • 6 years ago

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    must have smartphone apps for every student

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