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Surrendering a dog? Please read before insistently judging me?

I'm pretty from up about the situation I'm in and I need some advice from people who don't have an emotional attachment to me or my family.. So here it goes. I was asked by a former co worker if I wanted a older puppy. Her dog had a litter and she had both parents and 4 pups. We were in the market for another dog as ours had passed away about a year ago. She told us that the pup was great with kids, house broken, crate trained from birth knew some commands and had been to the vet and determined healthy.

So after about a month of asking us she started posting that the pups would be going to the ASPCA and that just broke my heart after seeing this post for a week straight.

We decide to take a puppy.

We pick puppy up where we get paperwork that shows us pups have only had one vet visit the day we picked up and they have 3 kinds of worms this girl was treating on her on for well over a month.. We were given meds from the vet and told it would clear up very soon with them. It did not... ( I have a baby, who was 13 months when we got the dog) we got more meds from vet and told to keep our baby away until worms cleared, we ended up needing 3 rounds of meds.

At the same time we learned that puppy is the furthest from house broken, is not at all crate trained and is not at all good with children in the least bit.

We tried crate training for several weeks, but stopped after several complaints from neighbors, our child being kept up all night and a subsequent visit from police because our dog sounds as if he is being tortured while in the crate.

When around my baby our pup pees on him, nips at his face and relentlessly jumps on him or at him if he has food or toys. This has caused 2 very large nasty goose eggs on our baby's farhead and visits to GP. In addition, our son is becoming fearful of dogs. Our GP asks us questions like " are you going to wait until something serious happens to give up the dog". My in laws are consistently on my case hounding me to "put my ch


Child first.

We have taken our pup to training classes at 2 different locations,had a trainer come to the house in addition to already having life long experience with dogs.

We are at our wits end. This dog has learned all sorts of commands like sit, stay, drop it but will not go to the bathroom outside, will not leave our child alone and continues to pee on him, harasses my cat and chews whatever he can get his mouth on. It's driving us mad.

We keep him in the kitchen because we can not trust him anywhere else or outside.

We have been trying to cope with this for 8 months.

When would you call it quits? We want to but we can not stand the treatment we received over simple advice we seemed from the ASPCA. They treated us like dirt for even entertaining the thought. But this dog has no happiness here at all. He simply lives in our kitchen or is alone in our yard because he can not safely be around my child or my cat. What to do?

Update 2:

Thank you for answering so quickly Darlene. It's 3:15am where I am so as you can see this is keeping me up at night.

Our last trainer said our baby has to show dominance over the dog before his behavior will change but our son isn't even 2 yet. He doesn't understand rank. Our son is doing the exact opposite as he loves puppy kisses, which he gets from other family members dogs by putting his head in their face. He gives up food in his hand to avoid having his hands/face nipped or knocked over. I'm just afraid today a nip, tomorrow stitches or something even more serious.

Update 3:

Jane, thank you for your advice. I did get to add the rest of the situation I additional details. We did tell her by Facebook and voice mail. She posted a photo of another puppy she adopted a month after we took this pup from her, which is when she also turned in 3 other pups. I don't know what she's doing, seems like she's trading dogs. I did also learn that children were on the property but the puppies never left the barn but I only learned that recently. I did not pay for the dog, only paid her for his first vet visit. I am not cut out for re homing. We tried Craig's list but only got 2 creepy responses. I do t want the dog harmed so I won't just give him to anyone but I can't keep living like this either. My husband has no attachment to him whatsoever so we fight a out the right thing to do every day

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    This is exactly why folks shouldn't just get a pet on a whim. This is also why the SPCA wont adopt a puppy to a family with children under 5 yrs of age. This is a life, not a toy. Let me ask you this. If your child was born with a cleft pallet, would you pay to have it fixed? If you had a child with behaviour issues, would you just put them in a sanitarium? Now don't go getting all up in arms about comparing children to pets. You chose to have this pet. It is your responsibility to do what needs to be done. And that is fix the problem. Not just pass it on to someone else and hope. There are no bad animals, only bad owners. I cannot tell you how many dogs and cats I've had to kill because of people who choose not to do the right thing.

    It sounds to me like there needs to be more time devoted to this puppy. It takes as much time to raise a puppy as it does a child. I have a 7 mo old puppy right now, and her leash is attached to my belt-loops at least 10 - 12 hours a day. Every day. She is walked at least 3 times a day, sometimes more if she's not listening. If she has time to misbehave, then she has time to do foundation work. I'm not sure what types of trainers youve consulted, but consistency and praise are the key. In our house, if our (106lb Great DaneXCane Corso Mastiff) puppy jumped on a Grandchild, there would be immediate correction (Sprenger collar and leash are always on and easily grabbed) and then out the door for a few minutes of foundation work to get her brain on me, not on what is going on around her.

    Remember, a puppy is just like a child. Especially an older puppy. They're like teenagers. And if you dont keep a teenager busy, they will find something to do (pee - eat things - dig - lick - etc) and you probably wont like it. Just like with teenagers! I had a rottie who would steal things if you didnt pay enough attention to him! He stole a $500 money order off the coffee table and ate it. Thank God I had enough of it to get it replaced! Isolating the puppy is only contributing to the problem. If he's not part of the family, of course he's going to act out when allowed to join in. You haven't taught him how to behave in a pack. And your child is not the pack leader, you are!

    You need to do what you would do if it was your child. You would seek another opinion/trainer until your child found help. I'm very sorry if this is not the answer you're looking for. But as one who has euthanized hundreds of innocents, just like yours, I kinda thought I had a right to put my 2 cents in.

    I truly wish you and your furbaby all the best. Please, don't give up. Sometimes, when pups aren't socialized when they are little, it can take time. And patience. Don't give up on the crate training either.

    Source(s): 10+ yrs experience as a veterinary technician - assistant manager (and euthanasia tech) MCSPCA - worked in the animal care industry since 1974
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    I think it sounds as if you have tried everything, and it's time for the dog to go to a new home, with no children. Maybe talk to vet about finding a new home, or being able to post something there. Do not let anyone let you feel bad about this. It's not like you got a pup on a whim and didn't do anything to try to cope with the problem. I will also say, as your child is getting older, and begins to test his limits more, things with this dog can and most likely escalate. What that trainer said about your baby showing dominance- I get that BUT that's more for a dog who is just too excited, wants to play rough and jump all over the place. ( Good exapmle would be us teaching our kids to not allow the GSD pup to jump at them and charge them, the dogs never snap or nip, they just want to play with the kids like they are well dogs,)It seems this dog is different, most likely has a poor temperament, which can lead to a big mess. You're in a rough spot! I will also say your are a nicer woman than I, if I were in your situation, the dog would have been gone or dead the first time it nipped at one of my kids...

    Maybe try a listing on pet finder, you may have to sit and weed out the creep-os, do you maybe have a no kill shelter? You may get an earful, but they can't tell you you can't surrender the dog, and as sad as it is, that may really be your only option. Like you said, kids come first. Sounds like you have a good heart, and got taken advantage of.

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    End of your answer got cut off but I get the most of it. I feel for you. You were mislead when you got the dog and you should have told her about it, if you didn't. but now you have it and I am never one to tell anyone to give up any pet, it is very traumatic to them to get use to new homes and new people. but since you have a baby and maybe can't devote the time to training, crating, peeing on pads or outside, I would have to say, as much as it pains me and probably you, find someone to adopt the dog, don't give to a kill shelter, but your baby must come first. Do not get a dog till your child is about 8 or 10 and research dogs to find out what type are easy to train,that love kids, etc. I hope this helps you. I could never give up any of my 6 dogs, I love them to death but my kids are grown, and my grand kids love them and they love them and never hurt them. Our one GS dog I never let near them just for safety reasons, she needs socialized and trained yet. Please do not dump your dog in a shelter unless it's a no kill and when crowded they don't send to kill shelter, make sure to ask them. Do not sell cheap or in the newspaper, people buy them cheap to train them to fight or to torture them, it happens every day you see it on the internet, dogs being set on fire. Be careful, I'm sorry this is happening to you but you need to take care of your baby, no pets till child is older, Just be responsible and give to someone you know well, tell them it is not crate trained or potty trained yet, be honest, they can do it if they want her badly enough. I must say the idiot you bought the dog from, why on earth did she let her dog get pregnant then want to dump the puppies at the ASPCA or anywhere. People wake up SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PETS SO THEY DON'T DIE IN SHELTERS. Good luck to you, my email is fasttalker, I'd love to know how you handle this. God Bless and good luck.

    Source(s): Loving animals
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    i think i would personally get rid of the dog. i wouldnt know what else to do but my children always come first. it is a hard choice to make, im very aginst getting animals and then turning them over to the pound because of those reasons. but on the other hand u were very much lied to and it really isnt ur fault.

    u can get rid of the dog now. or u could possible have ur child taken from u later.

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    keep the dog

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