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Advice for buying a fire arm?

Howdy folks.. i'm looking to buy my first gun(s). I have a budget of around 1800 for these guns and i'd like to mainly own one for target shooting, perhaps small game hunting. I also wouldn't mind getting a handgun for home defense.

Ive been shopping around and thus far ive read really great things about 1911 pistols and AR-15's.

As for my experience, ive only been shooting twice in my entire life. Ive shot a Black powder rifle (ha) , a .44 handgun (i think it was a glock) and a 12 and 20 gauge shotgun.

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    I like the Kelt-Tec PLR-16 which is a min version of the AR-15. Fires the same round. I like the Kelt-Tec P3AT, which is a small .380 pistol. I like the CZ 52 which is an old Czech Officer Pistol similar to the 1911, but it fires a 7.62 X 25 round, rimfire (rifle bullet) and they go for around $99.00. Just remember, if you teach a woman how to use a gun she WILL try to shoot you with it. Most people get shot with their own weapons by people they love that do not love them back. I say you really can not go wrong with an AK-47. All this being said, I am against firearms around my home or family members. But psychos can come at you with many things other than firearms. And you never know when you may have to use one. Just do not trust anyone that they will have enough sense to be trusted around them.

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    Guns have been a bit scare and hard to find since the talk of gun control legislation has been at a fever pitch since December. Consequently, many are hard to find at all time high prices.

    Advice #1: Especially because of the scarcity, don't rush out and buy a bunch of guns all at once. Buy one gun at a time and take some time to get proficient before buying your next. Prices will lower and save you money in the long run.

    #2: If you don't have one, consider a .22lr such as a Ruger 10/22 rifle or Ruger Mark III as your first gun.

    #3: Decide whether you want a rifle, pistol, or shotgun first. What resources do you have to practice? Many commercial ranges don't allow centerfire rifles or shotguns.

    #4 I recommend a 1911, but NOT as a first gun. Get a good full size 9mm as a general purpuse target/defense handgun, such as a CZ 75, Sig P226 or P229, Glock, Springfield Armory XDm. Decide if you want DA/SA or striker fired (if you don' know the difference then do some research). Another alternative is a .357 magnum revolver.

    #5 If you are interested in an AR15 (which are really high right now), do some research at

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    Glock doesnt make a 44.

    Anyways here you go:

    Small Game/ target rifle: Ruger 10/22 $300-400 .22 lr

    or S&w AR-22 $500 22 lr

    Hd/skeet: Remington 870/ mossberg 500 with 20" and 28" barrel ; $500-600 12 gauge

    Hd/ target pistol: Taurus PT1911, Glock, S&W M&P, or Springfeild XD $600-800 9mm, 40s&w, or 45acp

    Source(s): I own everything i just described, and more!
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    That 44 is a good choice as long you're aware of the recoil that goes along with it.

    As for the target shooting get a BushMaster Ar15. A reliable website to buy one from would be gunsamerica.


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