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Why is it so hard to find a young lady to do a little dirty work these days?

I am 48 and a little "quirky". For example, I don't like hair on certain parts of my body. Of course, these parts are hard or impossible to reach.

For almost 10 years, I had the same young lady services me three times a year. This is the routine; she bathes me from head to toe. She wore a bikini bottom and sometimes a top. She had a really nice steam shower. She'd scrub me with a natural sponge and nice Pré de Provence Soap from France. It is wonderful in lavender. She'd use a little bar and then send me home with a few regular bars.

I have to stress here strongly, there is no sex act involved in this whole process. she was NOT a whore! After I was cleaned and dried, I'd get a massage. Then came the important part. With my Wahl clipper, gently trip my sack, between my cheeks and my back with the #1/2 guide. Around my shaft, in the April and October trim, use a #3. For the July trim, use the #1 or 1/2.

Apply after shave lotion, then powder and that's it.

I love being really clean and groomed. No salon will do this. My wife will not either. My wife knew this young lady cleaned me up three times a year for about 10 years. Didn't bother her. There was NO SEX ACT!

My young lady friend moved away last December. I have no one to scrub me, but I can handle that. I can find a new masseuse. I can't find anyone to trim my unreachables! Come one, I was just thoroughly scrubbed. Is what I want that gross? I don't want a dude to do this. You will have to touch my privates. I have a female doctor. She checks me for a hernia every year. She has checked my colon more than a few times. I have no problem with a woman doing that. A man, no way. Its not sexual. I feel my delicates will be handled more respectfully by a woman. A man may be too rough. I an tender and bruise easily.

Seriously, what is wrong with this?


waxing? that would hurt. not only am I delicate, but hairy too.

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    Nothing, keep searching! Good luck

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    Just go to a waxing place. They get more men cliental then you would think.

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