Who is your favorite contestant on American Idol this season & why?

Mine is definitely Miss Candice flippin' Glover. I also loved Devin up until his elimination.

And what is your opinion on Lazaro in the Top 3 this past week?

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    8 years ago
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    Candice is an awesome singer, but she just isn't very likeable to me, and she seems kind of cocky in my opinion. When she didn't make anybody's top 3 she looked really agitated.

    I loved Devin. Somos novios touched my heart! I really wish they would've used the save on him, but I think they are saving their save for if one of the girls ends up going home by chance.

    I really like Angie but she is super cocky, and she always makes sure to put on a surprised face when she makes a top 3 or moves on in the competition. I loveee Amber's voice but she isn't very likeable either.

    In my opinion Kree's voice is very overrated, but she looks so kind and caring, so that is why I like her!

    As for Lazaro being in the top 3 last week, I loved it! It was a smack in the face to all the people who are being mean to him. He can't help the fact that he gets the votes, being cruel to him doesn't help anything. I think he has a special connection with the audience that a lot of the better singers don't have.

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