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Best Songs from Christian Bands?

So I'm trying to get back into living a more Christ-like life (less swearing and being more careful as to what shows and music I listen to) anywho...I listen to Christian radio stations but sometimes they only play songs that I don't really like or because its an actual radio station there is no skip button. Anywho...what are some really popular songs (now or otherwise) from Third Day, Casting Crowns, Sidewalk Prophets, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jeremy Camp, Addison Road, Newsboys, Switchfoot, Tobymac, Tenth Avenue North, Matthew West, Brandon Heath, Mercyme, Josh Wilson, Chris Tomlin, Sanctus Real, Red, Disciple, Breaking Benjamin and Thousand Foot Krutch (is that a Christian band I'm not sure?). I've tried doing some of the researching myself but its kinda hard when so many of these artists have been around for awhile and have like 10 albumns to choose from.:) I like any kind of music really, rock, pop etc. Anything that I can listen to regardless of if I'm in a bad mood.

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    8 years ago
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    Newsboys - Shine, Breakfast, Landslide of Love, RSL 1984, Million Pieces (kissing your cares Goodbye), Thrive, Wherever we Go

    I mainly have their older albums

    Steven Curtis Chapman - Cinderella is the one song I really like

    Switchfoot - Meant to Live, Your Love is a Song, Gone, Hello Hurricane, Afterlife, Awakening, Dare You to Move, Mess of Me, Dark Horses, Restless

    TobyMac - Gone, Burn for You, Tonight, City on our Knees, Made to Love, No Ordinary Love, Jesus Freak (DC Talk, his old band)

    Matthew West - Next Thing You Know, Out of Time, All the Broken Pieces, My Own Little World, The Reason for the World

    Brandon Heath - Leaving Eden, Give me Your Eyes, Sore Eyes, Might Just Save Your Life, As Long as I'm Here

    Sanctus Real - The Redeemer, Forgiven

    RED - Pieces, Ordinary World, Death of Me, Faceless, Hold Me Now, Lie to Me (Denial), Not Alone

    Their second album is my favorite

    Disciple - Invisible, Dear X

    TFK - Be Somebody, So Far Gone, Welcome to the Masquerade

    Mercy Me - God With Us, Coming Up to Breathe, World of God Speak

    Jeremy Camp - Take You Back, Lay Down My Pride

    Also check out these artists. I don't listen to much christian radio anymore because they leave out so many good bands (and we don't get RadioU where I live).

    House of Heroes - Serial Sleepers, Touch this Light, Code Name:Raven, I am a Symbol, In the Valley of the Dying Sun, God Save the Foolish Kings, Salt in the Sea, Constant, So Far Away

    Anberlin - Impossible, The Unwinding Cable Car, Someone Anyone, Unstable, You Belong Here, Pray Tell

    David Crowder Band - My favorite worship band. Try Foreverandever ect., Remedy, How He Loves

    Manafest - Every Time You Run, No Plan B, Never Let You Go

    Family Force 5 - Superhero, Not Alone, Never Let Me Go, Love Addict, Radiator, Replace Me, Color of Water, Gold, How in the World, Mind's Eye

    the Afters - Never Going Back to OK, Light up the Sky, Lift me Up

    and some more bands

    Hawk Nelson, Icon for Hire, Flyleaf, Fireflight, Aaron Gillespie, The Almost, Relient K

    Source(s): My Ipod. I've seen Red, Tobymac, Newsboys, Mercy me, Matthew West, Brandon Heath, and a lot more
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    I don't know if you want the best songs or their most popular, but I will list my favorites by some of them.

    +Third Day - Miracle, Revelation

    +Sidewalk Prophets - The Words I Would Say

    +Newsboys - God's Not Dead

    +Switchfoot - Your Love Is A Song, Dark Horses

    +Sanctus Real - Whatever You're Doing, Forgiven

    Ok. So I listen to a lot of Christian Hard Rock and Christian Metal so you will get a lot more songs here:

    +Red - Release The Panic, Breathe Into Me, Not Alone, Feed The Machine, Ordinary World, Faceless

    +Thousand Foot Krutch (Yes, they are a Christian band and my favorite) - Welcome to the Masquerade, Move, Be Somebody, So Far Gone, Fire It Up, Falls Apart, Phenomenon, Down

    +Disciple - Watch It Burn, Deafening, R.I.P., Scars Remain, Game On, Unstoppable, By God, God of Elijah

    You didn't list these, but here are some more Christian bands I like:

    +The Letter Black (female-fronted hard rock) - My Disease, Sick Charade, Wounded, Hanging By A Thread, Believe, Fire With Fire

    +Skillet (hard rock with female backing vocals) - Monster, Hero, Savior, Awake and Alive

    +Nine Lashes (hard rock) - Anthem of the Lonely, The Intervention, Adrenaline, Our Darkest Day

    +Decyfer Down (hard rock) - Crash, Ride With Me, Burn Back The Sun

    +Pillar (hard rock) - Fireproof, Bring Me Down, Frontline

    The next Christian bands are much heavier and scream frequently:

    +Demon Hunter - Thorns, Storm The Gates Of Hell

    +Underoath - Sunburnt, In Division, Paper Lung

    +blessthefall - Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad, Rise Up, Pray

    Hope this helps. :)

    NOTE: Breaking Benjamin is not a Christian Band

    Source(s): This is what I listen to.
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