I've always been a hard worker. Can I still make something of myself?

I'm 29 and have always worked hard and was healthy.I was put out of work due to work injury in 2009 and company has denied injury. I am on SSDI due to my work injury and the company is fighting me on the work comp injury etc. I know I can't work full time anymore and I can't give up my disability because I have already lost most of my income. I want to do something but am still waiting on trial judges decision I can't go get a job because too many restrictions and have to be cleared by doc plus my credit is shot. What would you do would you try and take voc rehab and work out of the house or should I try to start a business. I know I'm not going to be able to work someplace again and would like to make it big.

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  • Pete
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    8 years ago
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    Hi, life has been very unfair to you. And now your mother is not doing well either.

    As you are required to look after her, I think you must try and start a home-based business. It doesn't have to be online, but seriously consider that too.

    First thing you need to do is do a 'Skills Audit'. Basically a list of what you are, or could be (with further education/training).

    Then do a 'SWOT Analysis'. This is a matrix (grid/table) where you list your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats.

    For both of the above methods look online for examples.

    Then I advise you to take a holiday (vacation). Hopefully you might have a relative who could care for your mom while you are away. It doesn't have to exotic or expensive, just somewhere quiet. So that you have time to reflect on your life to-date and where you want to go. Hopefully you will have a creative "brainstorm" and get a vision of a successful future. And if you do, hold on to it each and every day.

    On your return I advise you try to get 'startup capital' via 'crowdfunding'. If you don't know about this, it is a new way of gaining funds (it can be quite significant) to start a business, a project or a scheme etc. If you can make the potential funders interested in your story, and have an idea for something serving the community, you have a much better chance of getting money. And you can even get funding to pay for your new skills training, with a view to using them to do good.

    What could you do?

    This is where your brainstorm comes in, but I think you should consider something for disabled people. Maybe the vets returning from Afghanistan, that kind of thing. Just a thought!

    Lastly, if you do receive compensation from your past employer, I would try keeping it all for your personal upkeep (including for your mom). Hopefully you will get crowdfunding, or whatever else, for your venture. Your adventure!

    I wish you much good luck....

    Source(s): Life experience. Entrepreneur. On Twitter as: '@PRM_Enterprises'.
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