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Which is the best way/path to becoming a movie maker?

I always loved anything that had to do with broadcast arts. Editing, Budget, Producing, Acting and etc. But the problem is that i want to be a movie maker (Director, Producer, and screenplay writer, and maybe an editor) how am i going to get to that stage. I'm in school right now trying to graduate and i want the best path that i can get. At first i wanted to be an actor and start off with that, then i thought of going to a school of film making. I don't know which is better.

I know there are other ways but i need help to decide. I know it's hard but like Walt Disney said " dreams come true, if you have courage to go for it".

Plus i already started off with something. i wrote a full script and i'm in the works of doing the sequel and planning on making the trilogy when my career is set.

I'm not really after for the money or famous stuff but to express my creative side and show the world that i can become someone in life, not to laugh at them and say i told you so but to show them that i'm a human just like them and that you should't judge people. People bully me and tell me that i'm going to be homeless when i grow up. It's hurtful but i have to stand up tall and slap it off my head. Not many people take my serious but the ones that do help me go for my dream. Hope someone can help me decide.

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  • Tommy
    Lv 5
    8 years ago
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    got a story? (script)? make sure people not close to you like it

    got a camera? Preferably digital

    got a cast? at least 1 animal or human

    got a location to film it? Might cost

    your a director.

    that was easy

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