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Air Force civil engineer after the USMMA?

If you graduate the United States Merchant Marine Academy and major in marine engineering, can you join the Air Force as a civil engineer or are there other requirements?

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    A USMMA Mid can be selected to direct commission active duty Air Force or active duty Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard or NOAA Commissions Corps. I believe the only service branch that limits the choice of USMMA Mids direct commissioning active duty is the Navy; Surface Warfare, Naval Aviator(Pilot), and Intelligence Officer are available. The Navy also limits the choice of Mids commissioning through USNA and Nrotc where only unrestricted line designators are generally available: Surface Warfare, Aviation, Subs, Special Warfare and Special Operations. Navy Ensigns commissioning through Navy OCS can select Civil Engineer Corps as a designator. Navy Civil Engineer Corps has its own OCS based College Program.

    The Air Force Civil Engineer AFSC does not require a Civil Engineering degree.

    "Whether you specialize in architectural, electrical, mechanical or environmental engineering, your job will always be to help the mission succeed."

    Here are the AFSC's of a recent Air Force Academy class:

    Popular Air Force Academy Majors:


    The Air Force Academy website offers outstanding advice to students prepping for a service academy, rotc scholarship or any highly selective university. Open all links to the right of the page. Be sure to open the "Character Matters" link and read it carefully."

    Page 19 of Chapter 2 of the Naval Academy Catalog indicates classes for a high school student to take to make himself competitive for admission. The classes are arranged in a hierarchy:

    Helpful to read the advice on prepping for college offered on Harvard's website:

    The selection process is nearly identical at the Naval Academy, West Point, and the Air Force Academy, so, whatever is stated on one service academy website or in its catalog with regard to admissions, course selection etc generally holds for the others. If you read the following answer and open the links it should help to explain the selection process and the path to an appointment:;_ylt=Akhc0...

    The application cycle for the service academies begins December 1 of junior year when the Air Force Academy begins accepting pre candidate questionnaires from juniors applying to attend the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar.


    West Point SLS begins accepting pre candidate questionnaires in mid December. The Naval Academy Summer Seminar begins accepting preliminary applications on February 1.

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    Uscga AIM also begins accepting applications in February. It is best to apply to all since they are similar and going to one indicates to the Admissions Boards at all that a Candidate is well aware of the regimented lifestyle of an academy Cadet/Midshipman. An applicant needs Psat, Sat or Act scores to be considered for the Summer Seminars. The Psat Math section tests Algebra 1 and Geometry and should be taken the first time the Fall after completing these classes. The Psat is only offered once each October. The Sat Math section tests Algebra 1 and 2 and Geometry and should be taken the first time the Spring of the year taking Algebra 2. The Act Math section tests these subjects and Trigonometry. An extracurricular reading program looking up unknown words in a dictionary helps with the Cr and Writing sections of the Sat:

    Colonel Batchelder indicates the attributes SLS seeks in applicants:

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    Youtube thumbnail

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    All the summer programs seek pre-candidates with essentially the same attributes. Usna's is the largest accepting 2550, Usafa Summer Seminar accepts 1125 and West Point SLS 1,000.

    Good Luck!

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    Do the ROTC and get your civil engineering measure AND navy experience. Then when you get out, you'll be able to have access to many extra federal civil engineering jobs than you could possibly or else, specifically should you manipulate to get right into a civil engineering function in the air drive, considering the fact that you will get much better experience there than in other places. Just Google "air force civil engineering" to find out extra about it. AF civil engineers even have their possess magazine.

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    A marine engineer designs boats.

    A civil engineer designs targets.

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