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Why are Designer labels so expensive, and considered luxurious? What is so unique about them?

like these:

Alberta Feretti

Alexander Mcqueen

Anna Sui

Alexander Mcqueen



Betsey Johnson


BCBG Max Azaria ( also known as BCBG )

Bottega Veneta


Christian Dior


Cynthia Rowley

Calvin Klein ( not really considered designer )

Charlotte Ronson


Cole Haan


Dolce& Gabbana

Derek Lem

Diane Von Furstenberg


Donna Karan


Emilio Pucci

Ella Moss


Ed Hardy


Giorgio Armani


House Of Holland


Jill Stuart

Jimmy Choo

John Galliano

Juicy Couture

Kenneth Cole

Kate Spade




Lily Pulitzer

Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs


Max Mara

Miu Miu

Miss Sixty



Nina Ricci

Oscar Le Renta

Phillip Lim


Ralph Lauren

Rebecca Taylor

Rock & Republic

Stella Mcartney

Steve Madden

Tiffany & Co.



Vera Wang

Vera Bradley


Yves Saint Laurent ( YSL )

Zac Posen

most of them are just so plain & dull, I don’t get it.

is it because some are of real gold, genuine leather & authentic fur?

but you don’t need to buy from a designer label to get real gold, leather, or fur!

I feel like companies are just swindling people for money, because more than half of these designers have been deceased for the longest. Is my theory true? how does a coach purse have more better quality, whats is made of that costs so much $?

Is there a fashion expert on here that can explain this to me more clearly? thankyou.

I honestly find more choices at normal stores like wetseal, or khols, or rainbow, siren, - stores at the mall.

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    8 years ago
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    To say a Balenciaga dress is "plain & dull" compared to something at Kohl's, is a stretch. I really wouldn't take your argument that far.

    1. Couture designers provide higher quality control; better raw materials, unique designs (until they get copied), etc. They have designers working for them. They don't produce as many items, so those items have exclusivity.

    2. They are a status symbol. If you can afford an Hermes Birkin, then you are loaded. Though, like Kreayshawn says, basic b*tches love louis vuitton, a lot of women splurge on products that they really can't afford, just to look cool. if you can't afford it, don't be stupid and waste your money!

    3. Normal stores mass-produce clothing at what are essentially sweat shops. They usually copy designs from others--Forever21 is especially notorious for this. They provide you cheap prices, because the fabrics/manufacturing were cheap.

    4. You can't compare something plastic to quality leather; you can't compare crappy leather to quality leather. I wouldn't buy a basic tshirt for $100 just because it says Fendi on it, but I'd buy a nice purse because I know it'd last me a lifetime and it was well-made.

    5. Literal haute couture is expensive because it is custom-fitted. Ready-to-wear is less expensive, but still $$$. If Lanvin made $10 shirts, they'd be sold out in a heartbeat; they don't produce as many of each product as say, Target, so you're partly paying for exclusivity.

    6. The real answer--BECAUSE THEY CAN. I'm sure Burberry could sell their coats at 50% off and still made a profit, but people will buy them at the cost they are, so they keep it that way. If you cheapen your brand by making it available at like, Ross, it'll lose that sense of eliteness that people pay for; so, you have to make your brand expensive to SEEM like it's exclusive/elite/etc.

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    4 years ago

    Expensive Labels

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