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How to tell my parents about my anxiety?

We aren't very open about things in my family and they're kind of judgmental but I need to tell them if I'm going to get help. How do I do it without making it awkward or seem like I'm really messed up?

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    Whenever you are in the car alone with a parent it is the best time to ask anything in my opinion because there are no distractions that can come up from others or a phone call. So when you are in the car with them just ask them simply mom/dad i need to talk to you about something...and just tell them you would like to go to the doctors office and talk with him about your anxiety. I learned to live with mine and declined medication but everyone is different. It is best to be straight forward with things like these and if you cant be straight with your parents, well, who can you be straight with? Just go for it, be calm, and good luck! Love - Missy

    (P.S. My parents where also judgmental and they where Republican Catholic's from Poland. Didnt like black people, gays, abortionists, and judged everyone by their looks so i can tell how you feel :)

    Source(s): I had anxiety as a teenager and still do.
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    Just tell them your struggling with anxeity lately and want to find relieve. And then tell them there is a natural remedy, you won't need a prescription and it's not addictive ( like prescription anti-anxiety pills are). It's called Organic Valerian Root. It's very affordable, it's just a supplement, but it's the real deal, it works so well Germany replaced the number one world-wide selling anti-anxiety drug ( Xanax) with it. You can find it easily online or in most health food stores.

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    This is what I am trying too figure out too. I think I will just tell them when they are in a good mood and hope for the best!

    good luck x

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