ADA Disability Qualifications?

What is the process of ADA recognizing you as disabled? I know there definition, and according to that I qualify, but does a judge make the final ruling on that? Only under the ADA, I don't want SSD or SSI.

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    The ADA does not recognize you as having a disability - it is a law - not an entity. The ADA provides guidelines whereby a person is entitled to certain rights in specific situations.

    A person who wants disability accommodations at work or school needs to provide a letter from a doctor stating what specific accommodations the person needs and under what circumstances (not the disability ). Example: the person can not lift more than 15 pounds unless from a seated postion. The person cannot be exposed to environmental toxins that involve aerosal. The person needs to sit in the front row of a classroom.

    As long as the person has documentation that the need is present, there should be no need for a judge.It is only needed when their is debate over whether the accommodation is allowable or the person in fact requires it.

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    you're fake effect what the ADA says. particular lodging could be made for you, yet what you're inquiring for is constrained therapy. a job can require you to habit an interview. you at the instant are not exempt from this. only like a instructor might have yo supply you particular lodging for an oral examination. they might require a written examination instead. only with the aid of fact they supply an oral examination does not advise you're exempt from an examination, proper? you at the instant are not exempt from an interview. you may desire to enable the flair corporation understand what's going to show you how to throughout the time of the interview technique. not all circumstances of ADHD are the comparable. you're inquiring for particular therapy, not lodging. Your potential to get a job must be the comparable as mine.. if an interview is needed, you may carry out an interview. the technique for the interview could be distinctive. you may enable them to appreciate this till now your interview.

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