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英文 N. & V.

n.[C] 代表可數

n.[U] 代表不可數


v.[I] 跟 v.[T]


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    VI 為"不及物動詞",不及物動詞"不可被動"。

    consists of組織,The school consists of 20 people.組織20個人


    The school is composed of 20 people. 學校被20個人組成 。

    Twenty people compose the school club. 20個人組成了這個社團。


    happen / occur / take place / break out / disappear/consists/open...

    An accident was happened.(X) An accident happened. (O) 意外發生了。

    A girl is disappeared. (X) A girl disappeared. (O) 女孩失蹤了。

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    The book sells well. 書賣的很好。

    The food tastes sour. 食物嚐起來酸酸的。

    The music sounds great. 音樂廳起來很棒。

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    v(i)-intransitive verbs, verbs that do not require an object

    eg. We must leave.

    v(t)-transitive verbs, verbs that require an object

    eg. The shelf holds books.

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