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motorcycles insurance?

Hi, friend of mine is having some difficulty and need some sort of advice and help.

I have a friend who own two motorcycle. One is insured and other one is not. he didn't insured his motorcycle because he planned to sell the other motorcycle pretty soon.

battery went dead for that other uninsured motorcycle, so he recharged the battery and drove around the suburb(not street).

While he was driving, he fell and broke his ribs and shoulder. He was not involved in an accident with other vehicle.

One of the neighbor called 911 and he was transported to hospital by ambulances. He went ER and took CT and x-rays.

Now he is waiting on the big chunk of a bill, and would like to figure out some sort of solution to pay the bill.

Is it possible to claim insurance through his other motorcycle, auto, or health insurance?

he has insurance for other motorcycle, auto and health insurance.

At first, he thought about claiming through his insured motorcycle insurance, but police came along with ambulance and wrote down his license place, so insurance company will find out easily that he was not driving his insured motorcycle. Plus he does not want to do anything that will violate the law or commit a fraud.

I would like to know if only way to pay the bill is the pay it from his pocket.

He lives in Michigan.

Thank you

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    Motorcycle insurance only covers the vehicle, or medical bills for OTHER people (if the rider is at-fault for injuring other people). You can't use Motorcycle insurance to cover self-inflicted medical bills, well there's sometimes a small 'medical payments' option, but it's normally $1000 or less ~ and isn't an option in this case because the vehicle wasn't covered anyway. That is 100% in the realm of "health insurance". It's the only option for covering the bills, other than paying out of pocket.

    And riding an uninsured motorcycle around a suburb is 100% illegal. It's a lucky thing the cops didn't write him a ticket for no insurance (though they probably had pity and just conveniently 'overlooked' that, given the physical injury and no other property damage).

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    Now he has to sell both bikes

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