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Just downloaded MailWasher on my Windows XP, but don't know how it works?

I have gmail account.

Lately, I've been getting too much spam email. So I just downloaded MailWasher as someone had suggested but I don't know how it works. It's now on my computer.

Thank you.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    It's been a while since I've used MW, but the freeware item could only be used on POP3 accounts...that would be mail held on your iSP for instance.

    G-mail is different since it's a web-based account, and for that MW requires the premium account, so I believe you won't get the job done like you want, but things may be different now. Look into the Settings area and see what it says about setting up which Mail Account types can be checked with MW Free.

    If you don't want to buy the Premium account, you could try this strategy I've recommended for other folks.

    I don't use g-mail because of the Google snooping into your mail (for 'advertising' purposes), and so it's not secure, despite it's SSL designation.

    Here's what I have under my MailWasher notes:

    Merely 'deleting' from your mail viewing application will not stop this cycle. 'Block sender' or marking as 'spam' fails because it only blocks that specific sender & once the 'bots' discover your address, all they have to do is change a single character of the senders name, and they start getting their junk through again (depending on your filtering settings).

    You want to end the notification of a valid address, back to the sender, by way of the Mail Server (your ISP or web mail).

    Get a program that will examine while mail is on the server, and 'bounce' selected mail back to the spam sender ; in effect saying, 'This address is invalid' and they eventually stop sending junk. (Not instantly, but a "blacklist" is made, & it begins stopping spam).

    Also, never 'click here to unsubscribe' or send ANY form of communication back to them: it only verifies that a live person is on your end of things.

    MW specific:

    After installing have these items displayed: 'Bounce' & 'Attachments' (never open any unsolicited attachments, even from friends), and any other items you want.

    To examine mail, hit the 'Check Mail' button, then sift through the mailbox; check "Bounce" for spam, delete stuff you just don't want to fiddle with, then "Process".

    Your screened mail can now be "fetched" from the server with your normal mail application.

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