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How much have you changed in the past year?

What is it that is different about you now compared to a year a go? Like style (hair, makeup, clothes)? Hobbies? Physical traits (height)?

I started buying a lot of clothes from Hollister and Abercrombie now and I'm broke now. I also have thick frame glasses now because that's what's in... apparently? haha I like hanging out with my friends more although my parents are over controlling and they think it is detrimental to my well being.

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    Dude I have changed soo much since the beginning of the last year!! So last year I was a sophomore and I thought I knew everything.. 100% focused on school figured my parentals were wrong about everything. Acted wayy childish, went off on a rebellious streak dated a douchebag just cause my parents hated him! Tried to find love.. Chased lame dreams.. did not really focus on my future went through that whole "YOLO" stage the bad way.. Lost some friends gained some more.. Realized who was actually there lost love and found some. Hated life went through a secret depression thought of suicide.. Lost my self all together.. Found myself.. Changed my values.. Religious, personal and mental perspectives. Completely changed my attitude... my appearance.. my personality. Went from simple "teenager" Aero- and hollister clothes to the 9's into a more classy lady type look. Refocused on my future.. But still enjoyed life.. And now with just about 3 weeks from my 18 bday I am now regretting the way i acted.. I want my childhood back.. want my faith hope and dreams to come back to me. I want that sense of a child an innocent child back. I am now focused on college.. worried about what ifs and such.. Embracing the fact that things change and i have to accept that.. And now finally telling my parents they were right all along. I was wrong and they were right, I changed the way I think instead of Im always right to maybe they are on to something.. I care more about my appearance and not in the typical slather on make up type teenage way I mean my personal image how when I walk and talk to someone new how they will judge me way. A way in which most adults think and go through. I am still as short as i was last year but a lot smarter and less smart ***... I am learning because I need to not because I have to. I am still obsessed with my (new and way better) boyfriend and our future together. More so than next weeks high school drama. I am now fully focused on my values that I want to keep and the way I feel about certain things and instead of believeing what my firends or family believes i have now chose to make my own desicions my own opinions my own beliefs even if they differ from everyone elses and instead of doing it out of spite i am now doing it out of I feel this way because.. WIth facts stats and well educated opinions/thoughts put into it.. versus just I am right and you all are wrong...Yelp everything has changed DRASTICALLY in one year. I went from a childish typical rebellious teenager to an almost adult whom has now refocused recalculated and redreamed her goals in life. Scary really when things that once seemed so big are now so minor and the things you never worried about you are now forced to face.....

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    Style: I wear dresses now and less brand names. I also do my eyebrows now.. When I didn't do my eyebrows last year they were really thick, unruly, and gross. Last year I wore my hair curly and poofy and long, now it's shorter and I wear it straight. Also, I used to not wear makeup this time last year, now I wear eyeliner, mascara, and fill in my brows. I think I look A LOT better... I know why no one was interested in me.

    Personality: I'm less quiet than I used to be, but I'm still very quiet. Also, last year I considered myself Christian, but now I consider myself Agnostic.

    Hobbies: Still into the same things... Pretty much. More into dogs (not that way.)

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    My opinion of myself has improved drastically. I'm less prone to panic attacks and depressed episodes, and I'm actually looking forward to my future. I don't have an obsessive, consuming desire to kill or harm myself, and I don't think that I'm the ugliest thing in the world. What can I say; therapy does wonders.

    I also grew, and I am now 5'9. I am a giantess.

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