What's the name of this movie?

It's this movie about a kid and this black stallion horse. One day, his horse gets taken away or auctioned off to someone and his horse is taken by plane. The boy manages to stowaway on the plane and ends up in the area in the Middle East from the looks of it. He wanders the desert and manages to reunite with his black horse only to decide to leave him there as the horse is content.

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  • 8 years ago
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    The Back Stallion Returns (1983)

    IMDb synopsis:

    The Black is stolen from Alec by his former Arabian owners. Alec sets off on an adventure to Arabia to reclaim his beloved horse.

    IMDb review:

    This amazing epic finds Alec Ramsey, the boy from "The Black Stallion", traveling to the brutal and glorious Sahara desert , in search of his beautiful Arabian Stallion, who has been taken away by his original owners. Along the way Alec finds a good friend in Prince Raj, who takes the boy with him on an unforgettable quest that will lead them to the stallion, and also to a race like no other. With much attention given to small details, as well as set design and costumes, we learn the fascinating history of this very special horse. Every five years there is a great horse race in the Sahara desert, with different tribes racing their finest horses to win honour and respect from the others. A man from the Uruk tribe goes to dishonorable means to sabotage the race, while the Berber tribe, led by Prince Raj is more honorable in their methods. This film culminates in what has to be the most glorious and exciting race ever filmed, with young Alec and his best friend racing against each other, the boy for possession of his horse, and the Prince, for the honour of his people.

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