Acceleration issue? TPS?

I own a 2000 Acura Integra GS. It is not VTEC. Lately I have been having a problem with my car. The problem ONLY occurs between 30-40 mph and does not happen every time I'm driving. Sometimes I will go for days without any problems and other times it will happen multiple times in one day.

What's happening is that while I am pressing the accelerator, my car will suddenly start having difficulty accelerating and a strange noise (as if something is stuck) can be heard quite loudly. Once I'm over the 40mph mark everything goes back to normal immediately. Also, if I release the accelerator when this happens the noise stops immediately, but if I'm still between the 30-40mph mark and press the accelerator again the problem will come right back.

A new issue that has happened twice within the last month is while driving, my car suddenly did a strange rocking motion. This went away in less then 30 seconds.

I've taken my car in twice for this acceleration problem, but because it does not happen every time the shop was unable to reproduce the problem and did nothing. A friend of a friend who is good with cars but has not witnessed the issue himself believes it may be my throttle position sensor. Was hoping to get some other opinions before I start replacing things willy nilly.

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    8 years ago
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    I don't really have a good answer for you but Id be skeptical of the TPS. The fact that it happens at a certain speed would make me think it could be a transmission issue. Maybe a vacuum problem perhaps. The thing is if it were a bad TPS then it would at least in theory act up at a certain throttle position rather then at a certain speed range. I am also assuming this car is automatic. Another thing I would check if you haven't already is the transmission fluid. You may even want to consider having the fluid changed or even better flushed out. Sometimes worn fluid can cause some crazy transmission issues.

    Good luck!

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    I believe some of the teeth on the gears in your transmission might be stripped (to a degree). I'm don't do transmission work though.

    On a honda transmission with low displacement I'd expect this to (reasonably happen) around the 175k mark. If it has less miles on it's possible the previous owner (if it was not yourself) did something stupid with the tranny while driving. On some of these types of cars that attract kids they'll shift automatics which can potentially cause issues because most of these kids don't let off the accelerator at all when doing it.

    Try lucas transmission fix, it will probably help.

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