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Symptoms of what?? Help please........?

So about a week ago I got a very very night period. (This maybe kinda detailed.sorry) and then my throat got really red and hurt and I lost my voice and I started coughing up mucus.... And now today there is this white discharge conning our of my v... Idk what this means? Also, I always feel Hungary but when I eat it makes me feel sick. Even if I eat a little. It feels like my tummy is completely full and it wants to come back up. And I've been getting a lot of head achs . Right now for example. Please help. 10 points for the best answer. :):):)::)::)):)::):)

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    Hello,NHS Direct has been set up to answer questions such as this.It is manned by professionals in the medical field,all you have to do is pick up the phone and pay for the cost of the call,you will incur no charge for their professional opinion.They will tell you what the best course of action is.Here is a link to their site,you will find their telephone number in the link :https://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk/About/Conta%E2%80%A6

    I hope this information will assist you with your condition,


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