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My friend wants to mess with the Ouija board?

He think's the Ouija board is just something to mess with and laugh about. He does not know anything about it and he wants to prove to me spirits don't exist by playing the Ouija board.

"Will the demon give me candy?" He is crazy.. He's even talking about getting his friend's into it and he shouldn't! He also said if he gets possessed then his friend would too, he doesn't know how to close the "portal" nor say good bye. and he is easily fooled .


He's laughing about holy water and god and everything and that's disrespectful. He's apparently laughing so hard his "sides" hurt...

Update 2:

Right at this very moment. hes making fun of jesus.

Update 3:



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  • 7 years ago

    Well if you're worried you should talk to him. But he should be respectful about it if he is going to use the Ouija board. I've used one before, and it can actually be fun, especially at night :D And you should also tell him to look more into it, like how to end them, and how to try them respectfully, because trust me, you don't want a pissed off ghost on your hands, that SUCKS. And also if your so worried about him, you should help him out if he does use the Ouija board, since that way you can make sure nothing bad happens to him. Trust me, it'll be fine. I've used an Ouija board a million times, and I'm just fine, so your friend should be too. There's really nothing to worry about, so relax and calm down. But you really should try it, it can be pretty fun :D

    Hope this helps ღ

    Wow, that's some friend you got there ha ha!

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  • zombro
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    4 years ago

    Making use of the supernatural or the paranormal to play around with folks isn't this kind of great suggestion as it warrants a enormous version of penalties. In case you fairly believe as though you wish to have to tweak someone out- go to persons they understand and speak with them in secret- study all of their secrets after which come back with the understanding you realize however make it a factor to only use what when the second or hindrance warrants such. Trust after I say that it works every time. Using the Ouija can most effective convey dire consequences- especially when one doesn't have the experiences wanted to make use of it nor do they recognize the principles of how to take action.

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  • 7 years ago

    Play away.

    Board is completely harmless.

    Ouija board cannot tell the future or provide portals for demons, spirits, and ghosts.

    The board is a toy, nothing more.

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  • 7 years ago

    If your friend is busting your chops on your religion, tell him to p*ss off and go pester someone else. I don't care what your religion is (none of my business), but you're allowed to have it and nobody is allowed to bust on you over it.

    He's right with the Ouija board though, and you're the one who doesn't get how it works. That thing really is just a toy, and I know this because it was invented and designed as a toy. That's why they're sold in toy stores for $15 and any idiot can buy one. If they could even do half of what the religious hysterics claim they can do, only secret government agencies would be able to use them.

    Many US states have banned dirty language on TV shows because it's the work of the devil. Funny how they don't seem to even notice Ouija boards, no?

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  • 7 years ago

    Ouija boards can be benevolent or malevolent. It depends on your mindset and how you handle it. It is really necessary to say "Good Bye" when you are through. Also, it's very important to never challenge a spirit (ex- "If you are here, close the door). That's BAD! It is giving permission to the entity to come through. He can make fun of Jesus if he wants, does that guy even exist? LOL! Anyways... Just be careful and have caution. If you feel any danger, just leave him =]

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  • 7 years ago

    Don't play with it. Really don't

    My mom always told me never because when she was younger her aunt ( who's around the same age ) Played it with my mother and her friends and for a long time they were harrassed by the spirit.

    When you play the Ouija board you open a portal to the spirts you come in contact to and maybe more who didn't talk. when you talk to one, there is 95% 2x as more that are just not talking.

    If you choose to not listen to this, then at least burn it when your done. HAS TO BE BURNED. only way to make it stop

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  • Terry
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    7 years ago

    Any board or table which can work to any talent you might have. Neither are creatures of them selves just a lens for your working

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Messing around with the supernatural can have dire consequences.

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