Carrier in software industry?

Hello guyz l am here to ask you some questions regarding carrier in software industry..

Actually first I will like to tell you here that why I am choosing software as my carrier. It's very simple I see computers from very different kind of perspective. I think that computer can and will solve many complex problems related to our life, after few years computer will not only be a computing machine or a pc it will become a part of our family tough life. As we can see the impact of computers in today's 21st century. After few more years it will become common and necessity. So as the computer demand increases in market thus same demand will be increased for skilled software professionals. Now when I talk with my friends or any employee who is currently working in software company, they say! future of software industry is not good there will be low jobs compared to higher graduates in software. It's a kind of negative thing. If we will see the other positive part we can see that people who has done graduation in software don't even know how C programm run or what it actually does. This ground breaking reality is happeing in India itself. So! I think there are lots and lots of jobs for students who are really really interested in this field.

Now lets come to my main question... As I want to make carrier in software I will like to know that how should I start my carrier. So! please tell me which are the entry level programming languages that should I learn and which are the high end programming languages ie. beyond java. That should I prepare for.

Second thing from following two languages which are largely asked in companies.

Java,.net, php, mysql....

And how to prepare myself to enter in cloud computing and is there any carrier in cloud computing...

Plz guide me guys....

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  • 8 years ago
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    career in software industry is not very good, because there are many computer graduates and post graduates who are GREAT at handling computers and computer programming. The competition is very very tough. Salaries for an MCA degree holder (with good knowledge) begin from somewhere near Rs. 8,800. It may change slightly from state to state but it won't go very high. If you want it to be something like Rs. 50,000 - 1,00,000 , you shall be disappointed. Even I am a computer student (and a damn good one, my professors say) but I don't see any hope in this field.

    I shall prefer banking jobs. Perhaps you know that banks also hire computer professionals as "Specialist officers" for the purpose of programming and security etc.

    Source(s): professors, media and aquaintances told me all this. However, do what you think is proper. After all, it is ur career. :)
  • 8 years ago

    I see career in software industry is very good.

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