What are some interesting topics for a small maths research paper?

it just needs to be about 10 pages long and it isnt about finding new formulas or whatever too serious. just something not too easy and not too difficult and can be related to everyday life. tks!


the standard ones like algebra, trigonometry, differentiation, logarithms, progression, statistics,circular measure, probability etc. didn't learn calculus though. but it can also be about theories like monty hall's system or golden ratio (not this one please, it's already taken) or fibonacci sequence etc

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  • Snezzy
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    7 years ago
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    Use of statistics to detect faked data in science or economics. For example, many people feel that odd numbers are somehow more "random" than even ones, so a preponderance of odd numbers in purported original data might reveal faking.

  • Peter
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    7 years ago

    Questions like this are much easier to answer if you state what level of mathematics you know and can use. Statistics, calculus and numeric analysis, exponential functions, graph theory, linear programming and game theory (to mention but a few) can all be related to things in everyday life. But you are unlikely to know about all of them. What sort/level of maths do you know?

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