Worrying has/is ruining my life.?

Since 18 I hvae suffered from anxiety on and off and has been affecting me ever since, to the point where I'm afraid to commit to something because I don't feel like I'm good enough. I am now 24 and when I look back I haven't really achieved much and now that has made the anxiety worse and I have recently become depressed. I guess looking at others who have come so far while I fall behind. I still live with my mum and although we are both happy about that I only recently realised that there is such a stigma attached to still living at home at this age which has made things worse again. I feel trapped like I need to get out but at the same time I'm stuck working a dead end job with no prospects and simply couldn't afford to even though I'm quite happy here people have convinced me that I need to leave. I am currently trying to get on an plumbing apprenticeship and turn my situation around but then I worry, 'what if I'm not good enough' and those thoughts come in that have always held me back but now I feel as if I'm running out of time. I sometimes wonder if its the pressures of society that made me turn this way as in school I was the happiest outgoing person never suffered from any problems. I also wonder that having it too easy growing up may play a part of the problem, not that I am placing blame in any way on anyone else, but my mum even at this age would always offer to do everything for me happily, obviously I don't let her, although I live at home I am still very indepenent I hate poeple thinking just because I'm here I can't do my own cooking washing or contribute to bills! But I have now come to a point where I just want a secure career, I want to learn something new instead of working a menial office job, I have to overcome this axiety/depression so that I can progress.. People have recommended antidepressants and counselling but I refuse medication as I have learnt a lot that they only cause more trouble long term and as for counselling I simply can't afford it.. I will also add last year I opened a small retail business so I only work the office job part time now. I LOVE my business as it involves my passion but the problem is it just doesn't bring in enough income so I am now in a position where I have to make a big decision, give up the thing I love in order to get a better paid job so that I can save money to eventually move our.. I also split with a long term partner at the end of last year so basically this has all come on at once, I'm sorry for the rant but writing down my problems often helps some how.. Thanks for listening

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    if you have a business that is going well see if you can get a small bank loan to build it up - try a college of counselling as they often have students needing clients - tehy are supervised between each session so that they are not doing anything harnful - I think your major problem is in placing any emphasis on what other think and feel about how life should be lived - all that need matter to you is that you live your life in a fulfilled way and its no ones business how you choose to live - you dont even need to justify it - So its different whoah thats a relief because goign with the herd is so boring - Fear really is a crippler we often use it as a crutch in order to not have to face challenges - - Dont justify your life to anyone that gives them power ,just say inside, 'my life - suits me !'you dont have to appease anyone - Friends are there to be suppportive of one another not to shake up fear and divisions - Get on your own side and back yourself to the hilt. If I had a business running at 24 years old I would have been proud indeed - look to your strengths not your weaknesses so if it all collapses so what - thats life you pick yourself up and start all over again - Life is made up of lots of little learnings and just like school you have to learn basics before you go on ot the next thing the psyche is just the same - life throws up psychological challenges and we have to find the way though. Try keeping a journal of all the great things that happen and what you learned from the not so great .

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    Hi Darren,

    Best to see a doctor about this but Moodgym ANU

    May help as well, but not on it's own.

    Ok ?

    It's free too.

    You need to thoroughly learn it over at least three to six months.

    Great Question.

    Best Wishes.

    Mars Mission Soon In A Galaxy Near Yours..



    Moodgym ANU

    Check Cognitive Behaviour Therapy on a reputable site.

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    You need to find a way to make the business you LOVE make more money. but what is it?

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