specific heat capacity question help?

the question says to calculate the specific heat capacity of water when it's in an insulated beaker and the temperature increases from 20C to 60C in 210 seconds, the power of the heater is 60W and the water weighs 75g

how do i calculate the specific heat capacity? i know the equation but what's the heat energy transferred, is it 60W?

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  • 8 years ago
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    BY W = P x t

    =>W = 60 x 210

    =>W = Q = 12600 J

    By Q = ms∆t

    =>12600 = 75 x 10^-3 x s x (60-20)

    =>s = 4200 J/kg-*K

  • 8 years ago

    No 60 watt is the power of the heater or in other words it is the energy transfered per second. It can be used to calculate energy.




    E=7200 joules

  • morlee
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    4 years ago

    THat answer is Cp = .239 J / g ok this suggests which you decide on 4.1855 J of capacity to upward thrust a million °C of one gram of water . different one is Cp = 4.1855 kJ / kg : meaning you decide on 4.1855 KJ to upward thrust a million °C of one Kilogram of water. This answer is powerful by fact i'm a chemistry instructor.

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