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What do you think of my freestyle poem?

Witches cackle in mockery

Dragons exhale burning flames

Fairies swirl and twirl magic sticks

Goblins plot deceiving tricks

Trolls trample the land in grubby feet’s

All of these so-called mythical creatures,

exist in the kingdom of Oz.


i am only 14,so i would understand if i need to make amends on it. i think children would love it!

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  • Leda
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    8 years ago
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    I think your poem is a serious effort and shows a mastery of the language rather surprising in a girl of 14.

    And yes, children would love a poem that resurrects that charming and phantasmagoric world.

    Good luck with your poetry.

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  • 8 years ago

    Still a child at 66,my comment is to change feet's to feet,why limit these creatures to Oz? I never saw them there.Your poem's first four lines are great,create your own imaginative place for these creatures to trod! Good!!!

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