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Avery asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 7 years ago

Im skinny but I have a big stomach?

Don't say that Im fat I know Im not; I run track. Everyday we do field events, weight room alt legs and arms, then team core for the last 25 min. I know that I have abs under my stomach, because you can see the outline a little bit. There's not really fat on my stomach, when I completely let it out its firm, not squishy like fat is. You could say it looks like the starving African children's bodies, where they are bone skinny but have large stomachs. Or just the average toddlers belly. it's been this way for as long as I can remember.

I also have a large rib cage that sticks out when I suck my stomach in, but doesn't show when I let my stomach out. sorry if that is confusing.


Why is my stomach like that?

Im 5'5 and 115 lbs

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    What was the question?

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  • arshad
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    3 years ago

    i think of u be afflicted by some thing called bloating . yet on condition that its like truly somewhat a million month pregnant style of subject . if u are aroung ur teen years or 20's properly ur abdomen has purely lost the pliability of an 11 365 days old , n fat depositis have replaced the muscle index . thts to not say u must be fat . u can perform a little workout . i in my view dnt think of u ought to positioned urself with the aid of take a seat ups . at ur weight u look nice . n pples tummy are all like tht they arent truly flat all the time . except they're celebs n have been weight-reduction plan and doing 500 take a seat united statesfor that one paparazzi trip percentof thiers . am specific its not as vast as u think of . so i cud suggestion u to stay away frm dairy as much as achieveable n like fatty stuffs ,pizza , frozen youghurt . in uncomplicated terms for 3 weeks - in uncomplicated terms - and u will see the super replace , n eat greater end result if ur tempted for a doriot . n if ur of eating age , dnt touch the stuff for 3 weeks , ull see the distinction . its fat deposits around ur tummy thts inflicting the subject

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