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Are seat cars German or Spanish?

I would like to know where the parts themselves are actually made and if seat are German or Spanish thanks

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    The parts are made all over the world, as they are for almost all cars.

    Major parts will be made in Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Portugal, depending on the car and the engine fitted. Sometimes identical parts will be manufactured in multiple locations.

    Design engineering will mostly be shared between Germany and Spain, although the new Toledo's similarity to the new Skoda Rapid means Skoda's engineers in the Czech Republic will have had more involvement that with other Seat models.

    Most models are assembled in Spain, although some are assembled at other VW Group plants (all Alhambra MPVs have been assembled in Portugal, all Mk1 Leons were assembled in Belgium, the Mii is assembled in Slovakia and the Toledo in the Czech Republic).

    I'm afraid there is no straightforward answer, but it is the same for many cars.

    My personal opinion is that those assembled in Spain are Spanish cars, but there is no clear-cut answer for the others, due to their similarity to models from VW and/or Skoda. They are simply European cars.

    Is a Nissan Qashqai (styled, engineered and assembled in the UK, on a platform designed part in France and part in Japan, using a French-built diesel engine and a Japanese transmission, and badged by a Japanese brand) a British car, a Japanese car, or something else?

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    Who Makes Seat Cars

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    Where Are Seat Cars Made

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Are seat cars German or Spanish?

    I would like to know where the parts themselves are actually made and if seat are German or Spanish thanks

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    Historically a Spanish company. SEAT stands for Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo.

    Cars are based on VW platforms using mostly VW sourced components assembled in Spain.

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    SEAT is Spanish - it is a Spanish acronym for something. The parts are made all over, just as with most autos. The coachwork is made in Spain as far as I know.

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    S E A T is a VolksWagen subsidiary located in Spain. Some parts are made in a variety of countries and are shipped to S E A T for assembly.

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    Owned by VW so the company is Gernman owned. The parts come mainly from Germany and Spain but also from all over the world

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    Many of the German cars are designed for greater driver feedback (being the country that brings us the Autobahn). Having less obtrusive power steering that makes it harder to turn gives the driver a better feel of the road and more confidence because it gives a sense of solidity. Fiat aside, French cars and most American and Japanese cars are designed less for an 'enthusiast' crowd and more for everyday comfort, so they make the steering quite light.

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    SEAT used to make Fiat cars in Spain under licence. Now owned by VW.

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