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Ebert, Siskel, Movies, Radiation and Cancer?

I wonder if watching all those movies gave Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel cancer from all that radiation on their faces?

Does anyone think this could be possible?

Maybe sitting to much?


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  • Isabel
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    8 years ago
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    No, not at all. They watch about as much as an average person. And radiation say from a tv screen diminishes over distance - they would have had to have been sitting right on top of the screen for there to be any effect at all, and they didn't. Often film critics go to special theater screenings for watching films and there's no radiation from projecting a film in a theater. Radiation would not cause those types of illnesses either - they would have had other illnesses.

    The problem is that cancer is a most prevalent and common disease these days, our overall health as a society is less than what our grandparents was. We've been exposed to far too many things, chemicals and additives in everything from cleaning products, wood, plastics, foods to fabric treatments, as well as pollution, disinfectants in water, pharmaceuticals, smog.

    And, well as far as healthy diet goes, two women in my life, two of the healthiest people I know, who were very vigilant about eating just the right foods, both of them got cancer, and one didn't survive, so healthy food in my opinion doesn't protect you.

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    6 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Kind of an interesting take there Donna... I'm skeptical, as cancer can be"caused" by so many things, but I guess it's certainly possible. Will also be interesting to see how the cancer rates and types play out over the next couple generations, what with all the cell phone and computer and personal device use today...(Ahem!)

  • 8 years ago

    Ohhhhhhhhh, when they came out and said BREAD can give you cancer.............I just stop listening to all those doctors.

    What the heck DOESN'T give you cancer?

    He died because he was OLD- What difference does it make what actually killed him.

    My father smoked a pack a day for 20 years, and he's going in 79 healthy as a raging bull.

    My mother NEVER smoked a day in her life and died of cancer of the everything, at age 58.

    Who's to say what causes cancer, or who will get it, and who won't.

    If watching films caused cancer, I'd be dead by now.

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  • Marina
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    8 years ago

    Possibly. They do say that being exposed to wires back in the old days like valerie harper was, filmin on sets day in and day out. , some are saying that, before safer modern wiring.

    And looking at his weight I doubt he ate a healthy diet or exercised. Prob a big meat eater.

  • Cooper
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    8 years ago

    Gene siskel died from surgery not cancer so i dont think so

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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    People actually listen to those bozos?

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