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I cant decide between the one touch ping pump or the minimed paradigm veo pump from medtronic?

I am getting a pump in the fall and I cant decide. What do you think? What are the pros and cons you have found using one or the other. Please help

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  • Pete
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    7 years ago
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    They both look like very nice pumps. I have been using a pump for over just 10 years now, you will love it! The pump I have now is the Minimed Paradigm 722, using for over 5 years. Either way I don't think you can go wrong. Things to consider, reservoir size bigger is better, infusion set see what types are availabel for each and what may fit you lifestyle best, CGMs continuous glucose monitors are not that great they do not give you real time glucose levels, they test the glucose levels of the interstital fluid not blood glucose, CGM lag about 1-2 hours behind blood glucose levels...but try it...I thought it would be a substitute for testing my blood glucose but due to the lag I did't find it very helpful. Other things to research...warrenty minimed will not touch a pump after 5 years, they want to sell you a new one but while under warrenty they are great, I cracked mine I called them and they had me a new pump in less then 24hrs, also check with your insurence company, will they pay a higher precent for supplies(infusion sets and reservoirs) for one or the other also test strips, you will be checking you blood sugars more often with a pump. Things to consider with a pump, it will be with you 24/7, you will need t-shirts with a pocket to sleep in. The best part of pumping you only have to eat when you want to not when your insulin is peaking, it may take a little time to get your basal rate tuned just right you will love it and you will learn how to adjust it when you exercise or play sports or sex...things like that. Good luck and happy pumping!

  • Jonah
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    7 years ago

    I haven't used either but I'll point out two things:

    1. You can generally try them for under 30 days and get a partial refund. and

    2. Medtronic's Veo has a low suspend if you use it with a sensor. That means that if you go low, it turns off the insulin. I think that's really really valuable.

    I used a medtronic guardian and I had skin issues with the sof-sensors. And I'm in the US, so the Veo isn't available here. But when the US version of it comes out, I intend to try it. And if it's bothering my skin too much, I'll send it back in under 30 days.

    Edit: Of the three CGMs for sale anywhere, the minimed sof-sensor system is the worst (I've used it) but for most people it still only has a lag of 15 minutes. And the enlite sensors that go with the Veo are better than the Sof-Sensors that go with the Paradigm.

  • 4 years ago

    i've got used the Medtronic Minimed pump for 5 years with few complicatons. It has worked properly for me different than as quickly as as quickly as I dropped it in a puddle of water and water infiltrated its circuitry. I had to return it yet they shipped me a clean one without difficulty. they're costly oftentimes working a minimum of $5,000 yet your coverage corporation might hide lots of that fee. Mine did. Medtronic has been engaged on a pump that constantly video reveal units your blood sugar and alarms while levels get too intense or low. i don't understand plenty approximately that although. My pump takes distinctive artwork and its not a magic bullet even with the shown fact that it does help in the experience that your'e bored stiff in on a daily basis injections.

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