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how to make my pet dog more ferocious?? its a rottweiler of age 6months.....?

i knw its not a lykable qn but, we have the problem of theives here..... i did have a labrador before but due to certain conditions he passed away.... he loved everyone and everyone loved him..... my parents really bought him at first thinking that he would be a grt guard dog to help with the burglary problem..... but still if we had 3 or four incidents the labrador never gave us a warning...... he never looked and barked at strangers..... Due to these problems we were forced to build a fence around the whole house... we then bought a rottweiler hearing that it will be very ferocious...... but our rott hasnt started acting as a guard dog should be..... we just want him to give us a signal when someone enters the compound.... he still plays a lot, isnt seroius at all.... well he's just 6 months old....what should i do to make him aggressive to strangers? how to motivate him to bark towards unknown people? we actually invested a lot for a gud guard dog and i was the one who suggested a rottweiler so if he doesnt do the job im gonna be in deep trouble ): .


luved ur answers...thanx....but im situated in india where theres no way of getting an american pitbull.....also i cant be carrying a baseball bat at night 24X7.....people here raise dogs to mainly be guard dogs.... who really are aggressive at strangers.... since its india there isnt any training for guard dog classes and stuff....u got to do the job on your own.... i luv my dog and theres no prob in that but hear me out i really want him to be a gud guard dog ,( we r in a pathetic situation )and since we have a compound fence who ever comes to our house after hours lyk after 9:00pm with out our knowledge (oh yeah our gate is locked up at 8:30 so if they wanna enter they'll have to jump over it and thats trespassing...) we dont have a problem if he attacks that person..... we have warning signs outside the gate which is there for a reason!!

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    I have a 12 mos. Rottweiler and don't worry about your dog she's still a puppy. My dog started showing signs of guard and protection at 3 mos. old.Yours will probably start anytime these dogs have a natural ability to guard.I take her for a walk every day, that's very important, you have to let her see her surroundings. I wouldn't expect her to attack anyone at 6 mos.the best your going to get from her is barking and someone might even steal her if you leave her outside too much.REMEMBER she's a baby not a grown mature dog. You may want to get a grown mature dog of any breed that might be a guard dog as well as this one,then she'll pick up guard and protection from the other dog. I have a full grown Doberman and my Rottweiler has learned from him, between both of them they bark at anyone who comes near my house and that's what I want, I think you want the same thing.Don't worry she'll come around in no time. One more thing don't let anyone pet your dog once she is in the yard being on guard.You want a watch dog not a pet and there is a big difference GOOD LUCK !

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  • 3 years ago

    Ferocious Dog Barking

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  • 7 years ago

    Usually a dog will protect it's family, or at least bark when a stranger has entered the house. See, what you have done is gotten a dog that has a rep of being a badass when really it all depends on the dog, not the breed. I have a black lab that is stranger aggressive, and you have a rot that isn't showing any sign of being territorial. You should never train a dog to be people aggressive. It's not like you are going to bring a burglar into your home to practice on. So practicing with yourself, or a friend is just going to make your dog aggressive towards everyone. Dogs should not be gotten as a means of protection. If they turn out to be loving family dogs that will also protect you, that's great. But most people try to get these big "ferocious" breeds and end up with a dog that won't hurt a fly. Except the dog for what he is and love him. Train him to be a good dog and leave it at that.

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  • Maria
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    4 years ago

    I'll give you some info about each breed. Rottweilers are a powerful and strong breed. Their bites are very strong too. They can make great guards but all dogs have to be professionally trained to guard. If a rottweiler is not socialized and trained at a yound age, they will bite and attack people. And will be very aggressive. And could be very dangerous to people and the dog. It's not for onexperienced owners. German Shepherds too need to be professionally trained to protect someone. They also have a very strong bite. If they are not trained and socialized at a young age, they will also attack and bite other people and dogs. Not for inexperienced owners either. In my opinion, I think the Rottweiler would be better because of their muscular build. And they look more scary than the GSD.

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  • P
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    7 years ago

    certain breeds of dog like the rottwweiler for instance, are born with a natural instinct to guard. You don't have to do anything on your part to make him aggressive towards strangers, it will automatically kick in with him around 9 to 12 months old....your duty is to make sure you are his pack leader, and that he respects and obeys your commands. You must take him to dog classes where he can mix and mingle with other canines and people, at the end of the day you want a well rounded dog that can mix and mingle and tell right from wrong! You don't want your dog ending up on the national news because he attacked an innocent child or person! Owning a dog of this substance requires a serious and consistant confident owner. Good luck to you.

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  • 7 years ago

    I understand where your from it is hard. I would never tell anyone to make they're dog mean but the situation there is bad so what you do is go on You tube and look at videos training an attack dog . But with this dog please be very careful with him because you would not want a child do be hurt. Please find a video that helps you also learn how to recall your dog. Good luck with him.. Also please don't do what other cultures do and keep them always outside..

    In Africa they used to put the dog in a dark room as a puppy with no light and fed them sugar until they were just crazy and then tied them to a tree out in the yard for protection , since then they have grown to love the dog as much as other cultures and they live in the home.

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  • .
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    7 years ago

    You know what ferocious means?

    It means aggressive and violent.

    Do you really want your dog to be that.

    Instead, for protection, get something like pepper spray or carry a baseball bat.

    To have a guard dog you need to go through extensive (and not to mention expensive) training periods.

    If you just want your dog to attack then you will end up with an aggressive dog that you cannot handle and it could be a huge liability.

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  • 5 years ago


    In reply to your question, How to make my pet dog more ferocious?? its a rottweiler of age

    6months.....?, I tell you that may be this guide can help you ASPCA Complete Dog Training Manual

    As you described; "i knw its not a lykable qn but, we have the problem of theives here..... i

    did have a labrador before but due to certain conditions he passed away....

    he loved everyone and everyone" I hope it may help you.

    Good Luck :)

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  • 4 years ago

    Hi am an Indian and a rottweiler owner. I know this problem much better than anyone cause I lived in out skirts and in India people rear dogs to be a house guard.

    My rott is funny clown, but his natural bites and badass behavior is inherent.

    Pls dnt let ur rott mingle with others, he shd nt smell people or see people going in and out of ur house. He shd believe that no one enters that gate, as simple as that.

    Try n keep him isolated. A rotty is a fearless breed. He wll never bite out of curiosity, anxiety or fear, so dont worry. For him all humans must be unknown then only he will be suspicious and start barking.

    My 60 days Rotty used to guard his food, his bed and his toys. Wen he grew 4 months old, he started guarding me from other people, and he now guards me even against my husband. He is highly sensible breed, he first observes and then reacts. I adore him truly.

    People say love ur Rottweiler, that we anyways do, people say Rottys are ferocious breed, hell NO. They r as normal as any other breed. They r capable of kills but doesnt mean they will commit.

    Rott is a highly intelligent breed, respect is what it needs from both ends.

    Love hi madly, more than anything. And he will automatically start guarding u.

    Leave him in open area of house, dnt make him house dog. This is how he wll understand his territory and start guarding territory.

    Give him job to do, if he is jobless he wll destruct rees and plants.

    Be his alfa.

    Never beat a Rott .... he shd not know what is beating, then only he wll become fearless.

    He shd never know what is stick, or shoes, or even news paper rolls. He mustn t know beatin. Otherwise he wll bcm coward.

    Only voice commands, learn voice modulation, Rottys are grt in understanding voice.

    Gv him beef n some hygienic raw bones, n toys, his ownership skills will develop

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  • Peter
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    7 years ago

    Please do NOT try to make it more aggressive towards strangers, that can lead to all kinds of problems with the dog being aggressive to the wrong people. You need to take it to guard dog school so it will be trained properly.

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