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why do people hate on Elliott Smith and assume that I am a super emotional wreck because I like him?

I just love him, not just his music. It's just the fact that he was obviously very talented and that he committed suicide. Maybe people who assume that have never had a friend who committed suicide? I Just think it's really sad. I'm an English major by the way, so maybe I just admire his poetics.

I just don't understand how somebody can say that classical music is better. I don't think it's better. I think it's COMPLETELY different. That doesn't make one better than the other.

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    some people use music more as a fashion accessory, so to those people, the music they *decide* to like is chosen for the social cues related to it rather than liking it for it's actual qualities.

    they are used to using peoples taste in music as a label to put on that person.

    so they are doing that to you. it's a little immature of them, so just ignore it.

    i dont listen to his music that much, but i know plenty of people who are fans.. and i'd noticed he seems to be well respected by a lot of musicians.


    the last person who told me elliot smith was their favorite.... was a happy 8 year old boy with a lot of classical music training. so... he sure wouldn't have fit that stereotype...

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    Once again, you've placed this in the Classical section. Why not ask where you might get come "compassion." Smith's music does nothing for me, quite possibly less than classical does for you.

    ... yeah it's different, so what?

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