Degree needed to become graphic designer?

Highschool junior wanting to become a graphic designer, already took a year of graphic design at college when I was 11 and got a 4.0, and now wsu was the college I want to go to.. But if anyone is a graphic designer or knows the requirements to become one, would wsu offer any degrees for that?

What kind of degree would I need to get to at least an entry level position? And could it be a degree in something like fine arts instead of something like graphic design?

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  • Pisces
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    7 years ago
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    You would be more prepared if you stick to Graphic Design Degree than Fine Arts.

    Typically in Graphic Design degree, you learn package design, branding, book making, typography, color theory, multimedia design (web, mobile, and video rendering), and portfolio prep, among other creative courses.

    Fine Arts degree would lean towards figure drawing, sculpting, metal rendering, art theory, and some courses relative to graphic design.

    Employer is most likely to look at your resume if you have a Graphic Design degree than fine arts. But most eye-catching thing is to have a great portfolio than a degree.

  • amaya
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    3 years ago

    in the layout/advertising international immediately it fairly is considerable be a stable artist, even with the shown fact that it is likewise considerable to tutor which you're a conceptual reality seeker. the contest out in the layout international is hard (enable me tell ya) and there are countless great artist, however the factor that could positioned you over the precise is showing your distinctive way of questioning and showing the thank you to hold a distinctive technique of thought and creativity to an corporation. Being proficient in many courses is considerable immediately to boot - photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, aftereffects, flash, and extremely final shrink professional are quite plenty industry standards. once you end your portfolio, it fairly is considerable make it digital (in the kind of an internet site) this makes particular that persons can examine out it in a rush. The recruiters at those agencies see dozens and dozens of portfolios an afternoon, making it speedy to confirm yours is incredibly considerable.

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