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American Idol Top 7: My Late Review?

Sorry for the late review, I was extremely busy last night. I did manage to watch American Idol, and some moments once again left me disappointed. here's my rankings.

1. Amber Holcomb

Once again, I have to give the top spot to Amber. Her vocal ability keeps getting better and better each week. I originally thought she was going to have trouble this week, but she did an amazing job. Her vocals were beautiful and powerful, she stayed on pitch, and she continued to rise to the top. At this rate, she might just make it to the finale.

2. Kree Harrison

Unlike some of the contestants, Kree chose a song that allowed her to play to her strengths. Hands down, Kree has been the most consistent contestant of the season. Her voice is always just so beautiful, and her vocals were pitch perfect. She could definitely make it to the finale if she keeps going down this path.

3. Angie Miller

Let me start off by saying I thought the theme was Classic Rock, yet Angie sang a song from 2003...whatever. Anyways, this was so much better than last week. Angie chose a song that was in her comfort zone, she had great stage presence, her vocals were spot on, and she's back to the Angie we all know and love. It wasn't perfect, but it was the biggest improvement of the night.

4. Candice Glover

Candice did a great job last night, but I don't think it was as strong as her previous performances. I think she could've picked a better song. She did do a good job, don't get me wrong. She's been very consistent, her stage presence was great, and her vocals were great. However, it just didn't feel as strong to me. I know she can do better.

6. Burnell Taylor

This wasn't that impressive to me. For starters, I think he missed his cue when the song began. Not only that, but this just felt like the wrong sing choice for him. He was like a fish out of water. I appreciate his effort in trying to sing in a Rock and Roll style, but it just wasn't him. It was a good performance, but not great.

6. 5. Janelle Arthur

Once again, we see Janelle's problems with fast paced songs; pitch. This performance was sort of all over the place for me. Not only that, but her vocals weren't really that powerful. For two weeks she shined, and last night that light dimmed a little. There were parts that she was good, but there parts of the song that were off, and her ending? She sounded like she was shouting.

7. Lazaro Arbos

He needs to go home. Plain and simple. First of all, I thought they said "no ballads"? We Are the Champions is clearly a rock power ballad. Second, for song that's supposed to be a "power" ballad, Lazaro's vocals were anything but powerful. He was once again pitchy, you could barely hear him over the melody, and he just fell flat.

Now for the group performances.

1. Burnell and Candice

By far the best group vocal of the night. Burnell and Candice's voices meshed together beautifully, they both had great stage presence, and they stayed on pitch. Neither one of them really outshined the other. In addition, to me, both Candice and Burnell did far better here than their solo performances. To me, Burnell is still going to be in the bottom three, but this performance will be what ultimately keeps him from going home.

2. Kree, Janelle, and Amber

First of all, I am shocked they had kree and Janelle do another group performance together. Having said that, Kree didn't outshine Janelle here. Instead, they were both outshined by Amber. In my opinion, it seemed like Amber was the main vocalist and Janelle and Kree were backup singers. That's how it felt to me. Ultimately, it's why I thought Amber was better than Kree overall last night.

3. Angie and Lazaro

I'm sorry, but half was great and the other half was a hot mess. Angie did a great job, and she's not at fault whatsoever for her group performance being ranked so low. Lazaro, on the other hand, is completely at fault. His voice seemed non-existent at times, he once again forgot the lyrics, and it was just like Kree and Janelle's group performance last week; it was like Angie flew in to do a duet with an Idol contestant.

So there's my [late] ranking for the top 7 last night on American Idol. Do you agree or disagree? And as predictable as this may be, who do you think is going home?

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    Lazaro is an OKAY singer, he's just not great. I don't know why/how he got into the top 3, I didn't think he was that good. His performances were weak each week and still made it through.

    Are people voting for him because of his disability? It sucks not being able to speak clearly but c'mon people! This is a SINGING competition not a "person we should feel bad for" competition. I apologize to those who like this guy, but I'm just telling the truth. If he didn't have a disability, he would've been gone WEEKS ago! Overall, Lazaro should have went home, not Burnell. Burnell was one of my favorites in the competition even though he didn't do so well in his performance.

    In my opinion, I thought Amber did amazing!! I liked the other girls as well, they did great, but I really thought Amber killed it!

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    I thought Lazaro did the best last night. I thought he nailed the song.

    I was shocked by Ambers standing ovation. I thought she was the worst one last night.

    I voted for Lazaro, Janelle and Angie.

    I think Bernell will go home tonight.

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    I disagree

    I thought Candice was the best and Burnell was the worst

    I thought nobody was bad

    Lazaro did his best last night

    I think there could be an shock tonight, that happens a lot at 7

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    I agree Casey and James was once the exceptional by means of a long way Dial idol has Casey 2nd to bottom persons do not get Casey, which is to unhealthy They vote for Scotty, they get him, I suppose american is very one minded routinely Lauren and Haley were clearly the third and 4th pleasant individuals have a crisis with Haley, quite a lot of humans on here hold going on and on about how dangerous she is i love haley. Lauren was just right also tonight. Lauren must be reliable base on what she did and individuals who vote for them I agree the bottom three should be Jacob, Scotty and Stefano I additionally agree Stefano was once higher than Jacob and Scotty If any of the three goes home it is Stefano

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    I agree about Lazaro. He should go.

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    Nice review. I mostly agree. Of course, now we already know who went home and who stayed. I wasn't pleased. (I won't mention names in case people haven't watched it yet.)

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