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Allie asked in HealthDental · 7 years ago

Hydrogen Peroxide Smile?

So I've been looking for things to make my dull cream-ish teeth whiter. Almost all of the solutions ask you to add in hydrogen peroxide. How do I get my hands on the stuff? Is it in any household product. Bearing in mind I've got to put it in my mouth so it can't be dangerous or anything :L

Please help, I get self conscious smiling, it'd be nice to laugh without having to cover my smile ?

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    7 years ago
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    You can get hydrogen peroxide basically anywhere. Walmart, the drugstore, grocery store... 3% is safe for your mouth, my sister does it. Use it as a mouthwash before you brush your teeth everyday, it'll foam up alot, then spit it out, rinse your mouth out & brush your teeth like normal.

    I just use a store brand pre-brush whitening rinse. It has hydrogen peroxide in it. It works great for me, and made my teeth alot whiter. If your store carries generic store brand products, like Target brand or Walmart brand, I'm sure that you could find some.

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